Advertising Policy:
We want to be up front with you about the forms of advertising you may see on this site and within the pages and software portion of the Start A Lawn Care Business Guidebooks and Software package.
1)  The Lawn Care Business Program:  The main purpose of this site is to advertise our Lawn Care Business Program.  We feel we have developed the best lawn care business guidebook and software program on the market today.  We started our lawn care business in 1992 and we have done practically every type job you can image.  From small 1/10 acre duplexes to huge 90 acre industrial complexes, we pour decades worth of information and business tools into the program.  We feel gaining this first-hand real-world understanding of the lawn care industry will greatly help you in your business.  If you haven't read it yet, look at everything you receive at our main webpage: 
2)  Reviews:  We attempt to review many lawn care related products each year.  We work hard to seek out products that may be of interest to motivated lawn care business owners.  Some products are given to us by companies in return for our review.  Some products are purchased "off the shelf" without any notification given to the manufacturing company.  Generally, we are not compensated for our reviews other than the occasional free sample that we use to make the review.  However, there are some products we review that we feel strongly enough that we may accept payment for our reviews.  In all cases, we attempt to not waste our time reviewing junk.  If we happen to come across a junk product, we'll tell you.  Our reviews are our own opinions and we attempt to review the product accurately with your best interest in mind.
If you are a company that would like us to review your quality lawn care related products, contact us at:
3)  Affiliate Links:  We make marginal use of affiliate links on this site.  Many links are through our affiliate account.
Generally, these affiliate links direct you to products we have tried in the past or are interested in.  If you click on an affiliate link
and purchase the product, we generally will receive a commission from the sale.  If you visit the site (such as without
clicking on our link, you can purchase the item for the same price and we will not receive a commission.  We LOVE
and purchase many items from their site as we think they are one of the world's greatest online retailers.
4)  Content Derived Links:  We make marginal use of content derived links such as Google's Adsense.  Adsense generates these links
based on the content from the page on which the advertisement occurs.  Generally, we do not choose these links as they are chosen
by Google or the third party which serves the ads.
5)  Other:  We may make use of other sources of revenue via advertising on this site.  As such, we will attempt to make full disclosure.
In most cases, clicking on a link will take you to a third part website.  Upon clicking those links, you fall under the terms of service and privacy policy of that third party site.  We have no control over those sites once you leave our site.