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Starting a lawn care business in 2009 -


Starting A Lawn Care Business in 2009?

Don't Wait until spring. Start your lawn care business now.

There are many strategies in making huge profits with a lawn care business between now and the end of the year.

As summer begins to wind down and the first touches of autumn weather are felt in the slightly cooler evenings, many people think that the opportunities to make money with a lawn care business are also fading.

Nothing can be further from the truth say representatives from "Now is the Perfect time to Start and Expand a Lawn Care Business." Although you might think that you have missed the bulk money making times of the year, in reality, there is a tremendous amount of money to be made between now and the end of the year. There are several reasons for this:

1) School kids who were doing their neighbors yard (and their own yard) are now going back to school. People with yard work all of a sudden find a shortage of help. They are desperate to pay someone to help them out.

2) The leaf raking season is just beginning. Customers who have cut their own grass during the summer are desperate to find help in dealing with leaves and autumn clean up.

3) Now is the absolute perfect time to get customers to sign one year contracts. If you get customers right now, you can keep them all during the Fall and Winter months and then you will have them calling you at the very first sign of spring green up and you will have them as customers again all next summer.

Some business owners see this time of year as the beginning of the end of their business for the year. However, smart business owners know that this should really be thought of as the very beginning of the year. For much of the warmer states, the grass needs to be cut right up through mid to late November. Also, you have to remember, right now is when you should be thinking of fertilization, seeding, and aerating. The profit potential of the lawn care business at this time of year is almost unlimited.

So, when others are thinking of hanging up their work tools for the season, true entrepreneurs realize that an amazing opportunity is right in front of them.

The Lawn Care Industry is a huge business and if planned out right, it can keep you busy all-year-round.

Start A Lawn Care Business is a support organization for small and medium sized Lawn Care Business owners. 

Success comes from know-how.  "If you know how to estimate jobs, know how to negotiate with customers, and if you know how to do the work quickly and efficiently, then you are on the right road to success in your lawn care business."

We offer a Lawn Care Business toolkit to help new and existing Lawn Care Business owners. Their toolkit contains a DVD instructional video series which plays right on your TV. The toolkit also contains estimating calculators, a massive series of business training manuals, business letters, and customer agreement examples.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about the complete lawn care business package, please visit our website.


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