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For this weeks tip, I want to share an email we recently received.
Two months ago I was laid off from my job of 12 years.  I am tired of working for someone else and I have started my own Lawn Care business. 
I used  my severance package and all my savings to buy a commercial lawn mower and a weedeater and a leaf blower.  I also borrowed a thousand dollars from my
In-laws to buy a trailer and a sign for my truck.  I have put up some flyers but I am not getting any customers.
This has GOT to work because I can't find a job and I have already invested over $5000 in my business.
What advice can you give me?
Signed: (Name Withheld)
I want to point out that when he wrote his email, this man had not yet purchased our guidebook and software.
We occasionally receive emails like this and it is always difficult to give new business owners all the advice they need at this point because there is so much we need to learn about their businesses.  What type of lawn care equipment have they purchased?  Is that equipment correct for the lawns and customers they are targeting?  Are flyers their only source of advertising?  What type of customer base is available in their area?  Do they have experience in the business?  Have they started small or are they immediately going for the $100,000 state mowing contracts?...and countless other questions.
The frustrating thing about these emails is that this advice and the answers to his questions are covered in our lawn care business guides.  By reading through our guides and doing a small amount of research beforehand, new business owners can save themselves from getting into a position of desperation that comes from making business mistakes in the early days of their lawn care companies. 
Now, this gets us to the point of this week's tip:


 We believe strongly in building your business methodically.  This is not to say that you cannot get up and running within the first week of starting your business.  However, if you rush out and buy equipment before you even know if your customer base will support it then you might be forced into making bad decisions in the future.
Think about the mindset of this person.  He has spent all of his savings PLUS he has a $1000 loan from his In-laws.  Can you imagine owing your In-laws money for a business that you don't even know will work?  He will now be forced into taking whatever lawn care jobs come along first. 
Let me tell you something about customer psychology.  Customers can SMELL desperation.  When you are on their doorstep giving them an estimate, they can tell if you can be talked down on your price.  You might start out with an estimate of $40 but before long you have dropped your price to $25 and you have included leaf raking.  Yikes.  And before you walk away from this job, you will spend two hours trying to make $25 just because you owe your silly in-laws money.
It doesn't end there.  We all know that referrals are a great form of free advertising.  What type of referrals will this guy get?  He will get referrals that will expect him to work for two hours for $25.  That is just no good and you cannot run a long-term lawn care business with that strategy.
Plan right, don't jump the gun, and never be forced into running your business from a point of desperation.
The writer of the email eventually did review our guide.  Though he made some mistakes in the purchase of his mower, he has now learned how to target better customers than the ones you get from putting up only advertising flyers - "el cheapos". 
This is just one of hundreds of tips found in the
pages of the "Start A Lawn Care Business"  Lawn Care Business training program. 
Contact us anytime.  Best luck with your Lawn Care Business
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