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10 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Lawn Care Business
by Start A Lawn Care Business

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1)  Set your own hours:

If you want to work a few hours per week in your spare time or if you want to work full time year-round, the opportunities are all yours in a lawn care business.  It really depends on you and your goals. One of the purchasers of our program does all his work in the mornings and he finishes before noon three days per week.  Other people work 40 hours per week year round.  Whatever your goals, the our lawn care business program will help you get there.

2)  Unlimited income:

Listen, if anyone says that you can make $50,000 per month in your spare time, it is probably a load of bull.  But we will tell you this, if you start your business right and if you expand your business intelligently, you can make a tremendous income.  Also, as you add crews and employees, they will be earning money for you.  If you just want to work a few hours each week in the summer, you can make great money but if you want to work hard and grow your business, your income is virtually unlimited.

3)  Work outside, get strong:

Lawn care can be hot/sweaty work.  But one thing is sure, it can be a great workout.  Working with equipment all summer will make you strong and fit.  Forget paying big bucks for a gym membership.  With a lawn care business you can get strong and get paid at the same time.

4)  Get to buy "toys" like commercial lawn mowers, trucks, trailers, blowers, etc :

One of my favorite parts of this business is being able to look at, test out, and buy great equipment.  If you like going to hardware stores and equipment trade shows then this is an added bonus to your lawn care business.  Spring-time is always fun when dealers are begging you to test out the new Zero-Turn mowers and the new hydrostatic tricycle mowers.  It doesn't stop at mowers.  Can you imagine justifying buying a 4-wheeler for your business because you need it to spray a fence line on a large contract? 

5)  Work year-round or only during the summer:

Along about September when the grass growth slows many people think that the lawn care business winds down for the winter.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  There are SO MANY other jobs that you will be able to do for customers that you can stay as busy from September through March than during the summer months.  Our program illustrates many business ideas that you can use to keep the money rolling in all 12 months.  Actually, some of the guys that have purchased our program say that they make more during the fall and winter than they do in the summer.

6)  Start your lawn care business on a shoestring:

A common question we are asked by people wanting to start a lawn care business is "how much will it cost to start?"  Here is a secret that not many people know.  We started our lawn care business with a $159 lawn mower and a $99 leaf blower from K-Mart.  Plus we bought a $10 pair of grass clippers, an $8 gas can, and someone donated an old weedeater to our cause.  Where else can you start a legitimate business for under $300?  Now, I will tell you as time went on that first summer and we began to get more lawns and make better money we quickly upgraded to commercial equipment.  If you want to start out with a $5000 commercial lawn mower, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you don't have a lot of money to spend in the early days, you really can start this business with very little money.

Don't make the mistake of buying incorrect equipment.  The lawn care business program includes an equipment selection guide to help you purchase the correct equipment for your business.

7)  Decide the types of jobs you want:

You might want to focus on small residential jobs.  Or, you might want to go after larger scale business contracts.  If you start thinking about these (and many other) questions when you are newly into your business then you can design a better business plan for your business and do the type of work you like.

8)  Community Relationships:

When word gets out that you own your own lawn care business, you will be surprised how many new and interesting people you will meet.  You will get to bid on all of the lawn care contracts in your town.  Also, churches, schools, libraries, etc will all want you to give them estimates.  This will introduce you to a wide variety of people in your area opening up many more opportunities for you.

9)  Long term never ending supply of lawn care customers:

Every day there are probably more and more houses being built in your area.  Drive down the road of one of those new subdivisions and count the number of houses.  Each one of those houses is a potential customer.  An average residential subdivision customer will pay somewhere around $140 per month just to have their grass cut.  That's not to mention shrub trimming, leaf pickup, edging, and all the other extras.  It doesn't take too many houses in a subdivision to give you a great income and there are new customers coming into your area every day.

10)  Work from home:

It is true that you will have to leave your home in order to go out and do your work.  But, in most communities, it is perfectly legal to run a business out of your home if you follow a few guidelines. 

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