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A soil percolation test helps you choose landscaping plants to
recommend to your lawn care business customers.

Is your soil too dry, too wet, or just right? 
A soil percolation tests gives you the answer.

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This is Keith with
Today I am showing you how to do a soil percolation test.



In this instructional video we are going to demonstrate a landscaping soil perc (percolation) test.

For this test, you need two basic instruments.
1) A tape measure to measure the hole.
2) A Shovel to dig the hole.
You will also need a water source so you can fill the hole twice.

Why perform a perc test?

A perc test is handy to give your customers an idea of the types of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees to install into their beds and other landscaping areas.  Some plants cannot tolerate dry soil.  Other plants will develop root rot if the soil does not drain quickly enough.

How to dig a hole for a perc test.

Dig a hole 1' deep x 1' in diameter. Fill the hole with water and wait for the water to completely drain from the hole. Then, fill the hole with water again and start your stopwatch. Our example flower bed is in an area of Tennessee where a good drainage time for a 1' deep x 1' diameter hole filled with water is considered to be 3 hours. 

Average drain time in a soil test.

The "average" drain time in my part of Tennessee is 3 hours.  Your drain time may vary.  In desert areas your drain time may be as little at 30 minutes or even less.

Drainage time of more than three hours is considered longer than average. Plants in this type landscape need the ability to thrive in very moist soil.

Plan Drainage time of less than three hours is considered slower than average. Plants in this type landscape need the ability to thrive in dry soil.

Solving poorly draining soil problems with
irrigation, drainage, or soil amendments.

If your soil test show your ground is not conducive to the types of plants you desire you have two options.

1) Amend the soil to give a better perc rate. If your drainage is too slow, you can add a drainage system such as a crushed gravel subsurface layer or perforated corrugated piping several inches below planting depth slanted to drain away water. Or, you can amend the soil.

2) If your perc rate is too quick, you can try container gardening, amend the soil to lower the sand consistency, or add an irrigation system.

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