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I am spending this cold January day in my office catching up on paper work and thinking about the year ahead.

The sky is grey and it seems to be a colorless world at this moment.  My neighbor's forsythia blooms have all died and turned brown after the recent freeze and last week's sunshine brought out a few wild garlic (some people think they are wild onion) sprouts.  Most everything is dormant and quiet right now but I know, in just a few weeks, life and color will be bursting all around.

Though I enjoy the solitude of a quiet winter's Friday, I urge the sun to continue its path northward.  These are the days I long for summer. Soon, daylight will no longer extinguish at 6 PM.  Soon, the lifeless trees will be full of blooms and lawns will be greening with the young grass spouts from the seeds planted last November.

For any lawn care business operator, January is an extremely important month.  Right now is when bids are being made for large lawn care mowing jobs.  This is prime time to perform needed maintenance on your equipment.  Winter is when you should design your spring advertising campaigns and devote time to your website.

This summer is going to be full of activity.  I can almost feel the excitement building as the days get longer.  Those of us that are spending our winter days planning and continuing to work on our businesses will be the ones who reap the benefits this summer.  

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