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Our bidding & estimating guidebook and software shows you how to bid small and large lawn care jobs.

make money mowing lawns

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One question we are constantly asked by new
lawn care business owners is:


If you charge too much your customers will walk away.  If you charge too little you are losing money.
We show you how to estimate the RIGHT way so you can make the best profit possible.

time is money
A little bit of this...

money mowing grass
...will make you a ton of this!!!!

  Without a doubt, estimating for the lawn care business is tricky.

Your customers are always trying to get a lower price and your competitors are always trying to
underbid you and take away your customers.

We have devoted a tremendous amount of effort helping you learn how to properly estimate. 
With our help, you can walk that balance between
keeping your customers and still making the most profit.

Our lawn care business package includes several specialized estimating tools.

  1)  One section of the lawn care business manuals is devoted specifically to estimating residential and business customersWe detail how much you should charge per hour, if you should charge for drive-time, and how to collect your money.

2)  We include a complete bidding tutorial handbook
This section is a bare-bones look at how to bid larger jobs.  We show you how to bid on apartments, churches, industrial complexes and government mowing contracts.  This handbook is indispensable for anyone who wants to take a lawn care business to the next level.


Our professional estimating software is unlike any on the market today.  Our estimator takes into account the size of your lawn mower and the size and style of the lawn you are mowing.  It also calculates prices based on operator efficiency.  We developed this estimating software after years in the lawn care business.  Don't trust your business to estimating software developed by some "geek" sitting in an office who has never mowed a lawn in his life.

In addition to the estimating calculators and estimating tutorials, the lawn care
business package is jam-packed with instruction and business manuals.  The next page will
briefly describe what is included in these manuals.

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