As I spend this cold January evening sitting in a drafty coffee discussing business ideas with a few friends, I am reminded that I need to nail down my business plans for the upcoming year.

Like many lawn care business owners, you are probably enjoying a little down time during the colder month.  Winter is the time to recharge your personal batteries and develop your business strategies for the approaching lawn mowing season.  Yes, it is still only January but warmer weather is just around the corner and before we all know it the midday sun will climb higher on the horizon and the first sprigs of wild garlic will poke through the warming ground.

As you are making your business plans for 2011, I hope you will consider adding continuing education to your agenda.  I’ve been looking over many seminar schedules tonight and I realize that there many opportunities for you to learn more about lawn care strategies and general business concepts.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, either.  In fact, a few minutes ago I received an email from a lawn care provider mentioning a seminar in his home town of Ontario.  This lawn care seminar sounds very interesting and, if I were closer, I would surely attend.

No matter where you are in the United States (or Canada, or Australia, or England, or…) I hope you will add a education component to your “to-do” list this year.

By-the-way, we attempt to distribute a tremendous amount of lawn care business knowledge in our Lawn Care Business guidebook and training course.  Read more on our main webpage: