Remember that lawn care contract you bid on way back in January of this year? If you lost the contract because you were not the lowest bidder, there is hope that you can still win the contract.

Many contracting agencies follow a “lowest bidder first” rule when awarding lawn care contacts. This means that the lowest bidder will be awarded the contract irrespective of higher bidders’ experience levels. Though the lowest bidder might lack equipment, personel, or experience, they will be allowed to attempt to successfully complete the contract.

If the winning bidder is not able to competently perform the work, the contracting agency will, likely, cancel the contract due to non-performance and will contact the next highest bidder to see if that company wants to complete the remainder of the contract.

As summer wears on, make contact with the purchasing managers of the contracts you bid earlier this year. Let them know that you are still interested in the contract should the winning bidder fail to perform his work correctly.

***WARNING*** There are a few tactics some purchasing managers use to prevent lawn care companies from getting the money they deserve. Learn how to be aware of (and counteract) these tactics in our Lawn Care Business Owners Guidebook and Software Package.

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