Leaf Raking Season is Coming

Leaf Raking is Big Business

Make Money Raking Leaves This Year

Most years, we start thinking about leaf raking toward the middle of August. This year is different.

Much of the country has experienced substantial rainfall this year. Yet, with a looming dry August, we feel that preparations need to be underway early as the leaf fall could be greater than average once cooler temperatures arrive. Heavier than average leaf fall will mean a greater demand from lawn care customers desiring to have their yards raked and leaves removed or composted. This added demand for leaf raking services means big business and big money for lawn care companies that specialize in leaf removal.

Equipment preparation and early advertising is going to be important this year.

Proper pricing of your leaf removal jobs will also be important. Our company sees many lawn care business owners underestimate their leaf care jobs each year. They lose money because they do not know how to properly estimate their leaf raking contracts. Underestimating can costs a lawn care business owner thousands of dollars per year.

If you are considering adding leaf raking services to your lawn care company or if you are just thinking about starting a lawn care service and want to know how to get customers and make money raking leaves, we invite you to look at our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software. We have developed these resources after over 20 years in the lawn care industry.

The price is less than $50 and will allow you to become more profitable in your lawn care estimating.
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