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1) 10 Reasons To Start A Lawn Care Business

2)  Lawn Care Business Customers Can Smell Desperation

3) Google Earth and Lawn Care Business Estimating

4) Leaf Raking Lawn Care Jobs and New Business Customers

5) The Price of Gas and the Lawn Care Industry

6) Is 2009 the perfect time to start your lawn care business?

7) Autumn is the perfect time to start a Lawn Care Business.  We'll show you why.

8) Lawn Care software can help you learn from the Pros.

9) Counter your Lawn Care customer's objections to make the sale.

10) Leaf raking business tips.  How to get more money raking leaves.

11) Want to know how much can be made in lawn care?  Check our Earnings Potential Estimating Calculator.

12) Lawn Care Business Confidentiality Agreements

13) The Emerald Ash Borer and your Lawn Care Business

14) Thoughts of lawn care during a cold January day.

15) Free Soil Sample Percolation (Perc) Tests

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Lawn Care Businesses and the Price of Gasoline.
Do you own a Lawn Care / Landscaping Business? Gas prices do not have to take a bite out of your bottom line.

As the price of gasoline soars, so do the costs of running many small businesses. LAWN CARE and LANDSCAPING businesses are also greatly affected by the cost of gasoline.

Lawn Care business owners not only have to worry about the cost of gas in driving from one job to the next. They also have to factor in that they are hauling heavy equipment, often on a trailer. The excess drag and weight of the trailer reduces fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Additionally, the equipment and machinery of a lawn care company (lawn mowers, gas trimmers, blowers) use gasoline.

Representatives from Start A Lawn Care Business say that there are many ways a Lawn Care Company can reduce their gasoline expense. "We find that there are many ways to become much more efficient. Lawn Care companies can greatly reduce their gas costs by following some simple steps."

Hauling and operating equipment use a lot of gas. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce fuel consumption.

1. Keep all your tires properly inflated, not only on you vehicle, but also on your equipment trailer. Consider buying an enclosed trailer. An enclosed trailer will often reduce drag due to wind resistance. Also, with an enclosed trailer you can easily customize the paint and put your company name and phone number on each side and on the back. Use the smallest trailer possible for the jobs you are doing. If you are only doing small residential yards, there is no reason to carry all of your equipment in a very large trailer.
2. Keep your blades sharp and keep your mower in good repair. Change oil and all filters (air filters, oil filter, and fuel filter) as recommended.
3. Plan your route and schedules carefully. If you have many yards in the same neighborhood, plan to do all those yards on the same day. Also, advertise close to home. This will ensure all your customers live only short distances from each other.
4. Store your gasoline containers properly and securely with caps and vent plugs properly closed. Fill your equipment when you unload to start a new job. A full equipment gas tank will tend to leak gas when it is bouncing on a trailer during transport. Of course, you should only top up gasoline when your lawn mower is turned off and the engine and muffler are cool.
5. During transporting and storage, close the gas valve on your lawn mower fuel line. This simple act can increase the life of your spark plugs and it can help keep your engine running smoother which will increase your fuel efficiency.

"In addition to these concepts, we teach lawn care companies better ways to go about doing their work." Using special mowing techniques and special mowing patterns, a lawn care company can learn how to reduce their mowing time on many jobs by up to 50 percent. says that newbies and existing professional companies can both learn how to reduce mowing time. Their training videos show concepts on how to mow a lawn much more quickly. "Proper mowing techniques and concepts save you gas money and they also allow you to do a greater number of yards in a day...increasing productivity."

Gas prices are expected to stay high all summer. But with proper techniques, gas prices will not take a bite out of your bottom line.

Lawn Care Business Booming this year.
The lawn care business is booming this year. Now is the time for new and existing lawn care businesses to greatly expand their businesses.

Experts say this will be a boom year for both new and experienced lawn care companies. Due to a lowering of the unemployment rate, homeowners have more money in their pockets and less time on their hands to take care of their own lawn care and landscaping needs. The demand is only going to increase as we go through the year, many industry insiders say.

As the lawn care season progresses (typically March through November for most parts of the country) more people are back at work and they are working longer hours. They just do not have the time to tend to their own lawn and landscaping. Typically, the needs of the homeowner are very straightforward. They want their grass cut, trimmed with a string trimmer, and their porch and sidewalk blown off with a backpack blower. However, starting the business and building a solid customer base isn't always as straightforward. "It's not as easy as buying a lawnmower and expecting customers to flock to you." Representatives from comment on the importance of properly running your business. "One of the biggest problems we see with new and existing businesses is the problem of giving proper estimates." You must learn how to estimate jobs. "We have seen people underestimate jobs $10 - $15 each. If you do 20 jobs per week, that is a lot of money." was founded to help people with their lawn care companies. "We learned greatly from our early mistakes. The success rate of new and existing companies is much better now."

Demand is going to be higher this year. With greater demand comes opportunity for anyone willing to work and the profit potential is significant. There are always stories about the high school "kid" doing the lawn for $10 and working all afternoon. Those days are long gone. Today, the charge for an average suburban lawn starts out at $35. With the right equipment one person can do 10 yards or more each day. According to you don't even need to have expensive commercial equipment when you start your business. If you estimate your lawn care customers correctly, you will be able to upgrade to larger, faster equipment and be able to do even more lawns. Commercial equipment will dramatically improve your overall profitability. Learning to get the right type of customers for your business and estimating the jobs correctly is vital in building your business.

The lawn care business is tremendously profitable. If forecasts are any indication, now is the time to think about starting or greatly expanding your lawn care business.

With the proper setup, if you start now, you will be way ahead of everyone else.

Lawn Care Business Software - A Must for Any Business
Lawn Care Pricing and Estimating, Advertising, Customer Letters, Business Contracts. Take the right steps in your lawn care business.

Lawn Care is becoming a very profitable business. Long gone are the days when a neighbor would pay you $10 to do her lawn on Friday afternoon. Today, people with their own lawn care companies charge $35 to $45 for a residential yard. With the proper equipment, a one person lawn care company can do 10 to 12 yards each and every day. With that same equipment, by doing nothing but cutting yards, one person can make more money in a season than by working a full-time job year-round.

Since lawn care is becoming so profitable, people in the lawn care business need to take advantage of every option available to them to increase their business.

There are very few sources of information for small and mid-sized lawn care companies. Try asking one of your competitors what his pricing strategies are and you will probably not get much information from him. is a company dedicated to helping small and mid-sized lawn care companies. "It is very difficult for newer companies to learn what they need in order to start strong and stay profitable." Representatives say. "We have been in the business over 12 years. It was hard to learn when we first started our lawn care business. But it is much easier now and the success rate is much higher."

By starting small and building their business steadily, they have compiled a tremendous amount of information over the past 12 years.

In addition to information sources, also produces software which is a huge help for lawn care businesses of any size. The software loads easily on your computer. It goes into detail telling you how to set up your business, get customers, and bid on larger scale contracts. It is also jam-packed with business letters, agreements, marketing and advertising and so much more. In addition, videos show you how to speed up the process of doing the work and estimating jobs. The Estimating Calculator is a valuable tool to help refine your estimating process. Never before has so much information about running a lawn care business been available.

The lawn care business program is recommended for anyone starting a lawn care business or expanding an existing business. This year could be huge for anyone with a lawn care business.


Lawn Care Business - Now is the Perfect time to Start and Expand your business.
There are many strategies in making huge profits with a lawn care business between now and the end of the year.

As summer begins to wind down and the very first touches of autumn weather are felt in the slightly cooler evenings, many people think that the opportunities to make money with a lawn care business are also fading.

Nothing can be further from the truth say representatives from "Now is the Perfect time to Start and Expand a Lawn Care Business." Although you might think that you have missed the bulk money making times of the year, in reality, there is a tremendous amount of money to be made between now and the end of the year. There are several reasons for this:

1) School kids who were doing their neighbors yard (and their own yard) are now going back to school. People with yard work all of a sudden find a shortage of help. They are desperate to pay someone to help them out.

2) The leaf raking season is just beginning. Customers who have cut their own grass during the summer are desperate to find help in dealing with leaves and autumn clean up.

3) Now is the absolute perfect time to get customers to sign one year contracts. If you get a customer right now, you can keep them all during the Fall and Winter months and then you will have them calling you at the very first sign of spring green up and you will have them as customers again all next summer.

Some business owners see this time of year as the beginning of the end of their business for the year. However, according to smart business owners know that this should really be thought of as the very beginning of the year. For much of the warmer states, the grass needs to be cut right up through mid to late November. Also, you have to remember, right now is when you should be thinking of fertilization, seeding, and aerating. The profit potential of the lawn care business at this time of year is almost unlimited.

So, when others are thinking of hanging up their work tools for the season, true entrepreneurs realize that an amazing opportunity is right in front of them.

The Lawn Care Industry is a huge business and if planned out right, it can keep you busy all-year-round. is a support organization for small and medium sized Lawn Care Business owners. 
They invite you to visit their website.



Lawn Care Business Operation has Never Been Easier offers resources for new and existing lawn care companies.

There are not many businesses where you can find someone to give you step-by-step real world advice on how to get your business up and running.

The Lawn Care Business has always been one of those businesses where you have to learn by yourself with trial and error. Since it is a competitive business, current business owners do not want to give away business secrets. They certainly do not want to tell you how much they charge to do a customers' lawn. And they will never share secrets on the best way to advertise.

Wouldn't it be great if all the questions you have about starting and improving your lawn care business were answered for you?

Start A Lawn Care Business is a company which has been in the lawn care business since 1992. "We started small and it took us a couple of years before we really felt comfortable giving estimates to customers." Representatives from say that lots of new Lawn Care Businesses face the same questions about giving estimates and advertising their businesses. "Lawn Care isn't just about doing your neighbor's lawn for $10 per week. If you know the proper methods of running your business, it is really pretty easy to have a good full time income doing nothing more than just cutting lawns." The success any person can have depends on several factors but success is certainly attainable. "There are plenty of high school kids who have bought their first car or who are saving up for college with their small lawn care businesses. There are also lots of people supporting their whole families just with their lawn care business."

According to, estimating and customer contact is one of the hardest parts of running a lawn care business. "It is far too easy to underbid what you should really be making on any particular job. Customers always want to talk you down in price and before too long you might be charging $30 for a yard where you should be making $45. If you underbid too many jobs like that, you are losing serious profit potential."

Larger contract work is another area that Lawn Care Businesses need help with. "We find that people just don't know how to go about looking for these larger Lawn Care contracts."     There are very definite methods of approaching large businesses and government agencies. Knowing the proper way to get on the bid list is very important. Some Lawn Care contracts go for very high prices because there just aren't enough bidders. When helping new and existing lawn care companies with their businesses, larger lawn care bidding is a point that focuses on. "There is nothing wrong in basing your lawn care business on residential customers. However, one or two large Lawn Care contracts can really put you over the top in your earning potential." Knowing how to get through the bidding process is something every Lawn Care Business should learn.

Success comes from know-how. That is a favorite Motto. "If you know how to estimate jobs, know how to negotiate with customers, and if you know how to do the work quickly and efficiently, then you are on the right road to success in your lawn care business." offers a Lawn Care Business toolkit to help new and existing Lawn Care Business owners. Their toolkit contains a DVD instructional video series which plays right on your TV. The toolkit also contains estimating calculators, a massive series of business training manuals, business letters, and customer agreement examples.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about the complete lawn care business package click the banner below.


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