by: Lawn Care Business

Commercial lawn mower selection.

Getting a “good deal” on a lawn mower isn’t a good deal if you buy the wrong mower.

We consult with thousands of lawn care business owners. Every year, we see the same problem over and over. Many LCO’s purchase equipment based on price alone and they wind up buying the wrong equipment.

1) Know your lawns:

Are your lawns large or small, flat or hilly, rough or smooth? Knowing the types of lawns you will be mowing will help you with your lawn mower selection. There is no need to purchase a 72″ ZTR if the majority of your lawns are 1/4 acre lots with fenced back yards.

2) Know your budget:

If your company is starting small and you are only going to service 5 or 10 customers per week, it makes little sense to spend $12,000 on the latest 24hp, propane powered, floating deck finishing mower. A good rule of thumb is to spend 1 month’s projected revenue on your lawn mower. If you expect to service ten $30 lawns per week, you should budget $1200 for your lawn mower. For $1200, you can get a quality used commercial walkbehind that should allow you to mow for the entire season and save enough money to purchase better equipment next season as your business continues to grow.

3) Know your abilities:

We all have different physical abilities. You must feel comfortable with your lawn mower. If you have reduced hand strength, pick a mower with easy to use controls. If you are not physically able to walk for hours on end during the heat of the summer, choose a riding style mower such as a ZTR or a walkbehind mower with a sulky or velky.

Choosing the correct lawn care equipment will help your lawn care company be more efficient and profitable.

There is a large guidebook on equipment selection in our Lawn Care Business program available through our website: