We’ve made mention of Propane’s coming dominance in several of our recent blog postings: Code Orange Days and Propane Powered String Trimmers

Lawn care equipment manufacturers have clearly caught on to the idea of propane power. Slowly, vehicle manufacturers are riding the rising tide of propane equipment demand.

Jack Roush of Roush Performance is a man who understands the savings a propane powered fleet of vehicles can have to a lawn care business. A clever video explains the potential of saving over $206,000 using propane compared to a same-sized fleet using gasoline. Numerous tax breaks and inducements from propane dealers factor into this savings.

Financial incentives aren’t the only benefit to operating propane-powered vehicles. According to Roush Performance, up to 20 percent less nitrous oxide and up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide and fewer particulate emissions are produced by propane engines than gasoline engines. Additionally, propane is 90% domestically produced cutting our need on foreign oil.

With lawn mower manufacturers, string trimmer producers, and, now, automotive companies developing viable propane equipment, the ability for most lawn care companies to take advantage of the benefits of propane has never been easier.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of propane for your lawn care business and how you can start and operate a successful lawn care business, check out our Lawn Care Business strategy guidebooks at: StartALawnCareBusiness.com