Sunny skies and 50 degree temperatures.

I love days like these.  The sun is bright enough to warm your skin but the weather hasn’t turned enough to make the grass start growing.   These January days are perfect for doing pre-Spring lawn care equipment maintenance.  Let’s be honest here; at the end of last season we all had good intentions of performing proper winter maintenance on our equipment.  Sharpened blades, changed oil, fresh fuel filter, greased lubrication nibs, etc….it just didn’t happen, did it?  Instead, you threw a tarp over your lawn mower (without cleaning off the old decaying grass from under the deck lid) and forgot about it.

Now that most of last week’s snow has melted, it is a great time to pull the lawn mowers out from under the tarps and perform a few pre-spring maintenance procedures.  I read an article recently of a St. Louis lawn care company.  In the article they pointed out that quality lawn care equipment maintenance is one of the most important keys to running a successful lawn care company.  I believe that without proper equipment maintenance your company will eventually experience significant equipment downtime.  Significant equipment downtime can kill even the most successful lawn care business.

So, this winter, when you get the occasional warm sunny day, take advantage of the slow season to properly maintain your lawn care equipment.  Once spring rolls around, you won’t have the burden of getting your equipment ready while customers are lining up.

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