Stolen Lawn Care Equipment Trailer

Lawn Care Trailer Wheel Locks

There was an article this morning of a lawn care business owner whose equipment trailer was stolen from his property. The thieves hack-sawed a lock away from the hitch, attached the trailer to their own vehicle, and drove away in the middle of the night. Luckily, this lawn care business owner had unloaded his equipment earlier in the evening. He lost his trailer but his lawn mowers and weedeaters are safe.

Unfortunately, thieves target lawn care business owners during the spring time.

In addition to hitch locks (like the guy mentioned above had) other deterent-locks can be used on your trailer.  The picture shows you two forms of wheel locks that can deter people trying to steal your trailer and your lawn care equipment when it is stored overnight or during a lengthy lawn care or landscaping job. 

Be cautious out there and be ever vigilant in securing your trailer and lawn care equipment.