I have worn my Lawn Grips work boots for well over a year now and I want to update you to the durability and comfort of the boots and their applications to the lawn care industry.

lawn grips work boots

If you noted my original Lawn Grips review, you know that my major complaint was targeted at the initial comfort of the boot. It seemed to take forever for the boot to break in and not hurt my upper ankle and lower shin. Thankfully, after two to three weeks of heavy wear, the leather finally broke in and formed to my feet and ankles. After 15 months of constant wear, these Lawn Grips are still very comfortable. I love wearing these boots. They are a constant joy to put on in the morning and I often find myself forgetting to take them off after a long day’s work.

Two Minor Complaints

During the second month of wear, I noticed a stitch came loose on the leather upper between the rubberized outsole and the leather upper. A quick flick of a Bic lighter singed the stitch thread leaving no visible trace. I was concerned that the loose stitch would compromise the water resistance of the boot. Happily, I can report there is no reduction in “waterproofness” and no other stitches have come loose.

The shoelaces shipped with the boots were not highly durable. After just a few weeks use, the outer lining of the shoelace split allowing the inner cord to poke through eventually becoming unthreaded and very difficult to tie. When you buy your Lawn Grips workboots, purchase a second pair of high quality laces.

All-in-all these two complaints are very minor and they do not significantly detract from the overall quality of the boots.

Positive Points

After over 1 year of almost constant use, my lawn grips look nearly new. The attractive “Lawn Grips” logo is still bright and distinguishable. Yesterday, a gentleman came up to me to ask about the boots saying that they “look like professional work boots.” This type of comment happens often and it gives me ample opportunity to tell people about the boots and segue into a conversation about the lawn care business. This is a great marketing feature of these boots.

The leather, though understandably slightly scuffed, retains the sheen of a new leather boot. I’ve been purposefully hard on these boots but they have suffered no cuts or harsh abrasions. The waterproof, rubberized soul remains water proof. During the early snowstorms of 2010, I have slushed my way through up to 6 inches of melting snow and my feet have remained warm and dry.

The patented sole is impressive too. It is designed to release mud and grass debris in order to retain a high level of sole-to-turf contact giving the utmost grip on wet grass and inclines. I’m impressed. The carpet in my house likes it too since lack of mud on my soles means I track less muck into my house when I forget to remove my boots before entering the house.

As far as workboots go, I am used to eyelets and hooks lasting less than one year. I am happy to say that the fastening devices all remain intact and show no signs of coming loose from the boot.

Lawn Grips are slightly more expensive than many work boots. If you can get over the initial increased cost, I think you will find these boots lasting much longer than other work boots you have owned.

Highly Recommended

After 15 months constant use, I can honestly say that I still wear my Lawn Grips almost every day. They show no signs of breaking down or giving in and I will probably still be wearing them a year from now.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Lawn Grips work boots, I click on the link below to be taken to Amazon.com where you can find some of the best prices on Lawn Grips Work Boots.