If you haven’t complete your lawn care business taxes yet, time is ticking away.

It’s not fun to think about but taxes are a necessity and the completion date is Thursday April 15, 2010. I am writing this blog posting today because you still have time to collect all your receipts, organize your expenses and revenue, and take the whole mess to your accountant. If you prefer to do your taxes yourself, you still have time to order tax software and spend this upcoming weekend completing your tax forms.

There is lots of free professional advice available online and through your local IRS office. We’re not CPA’s so we can’t offer professional advice but we can show you some of the software products we have used in the past. Maybe they will be helpful to you. I’ll post those links below.

Also, don’t forget, if you buy our Lawn Care Business guidebook and software package for your lawn care business, you might be able to deduct the amount of your purchase. Check with your accountant to make sure.