contacted us this morning to let us know they are offering 25% off lawn care and landscaping safety supplies. We want to share the link they sent us. This is a great opportunity to buy all your safety equipment at a great sale price. Hearing protection, eye protection, gloves, safety boots, high-vis protective clothing, safety boots, and more are important protection in your lawn care business.

We hope you will make your own safety, as well as the safety of your employees, a top priority this year. I was speaking with someone just the other day who doesn’t believe in wearing protective footware when mowing the grass. “I’ve mowed for years in nothing but shorts and sneakers and nothing’s happened to me yet.” Our thoughts on this is that millions of people mow in shorts and tennis shoes each year without incident. However, it only takes on slip-up for a lawn mower blade to sever a foot or a weedeater line to cause a nasty gash in your shin.

Since you will be mowing hundreds or thousands of lawns this year, your chance of a slip-up increases over that of a typical homeowner. Please wear proper safety equipment during your lawn care work.

If you need safety supplies this year, please use the link above.