don't hire this lawn care serviceHave you ever been at a party; laughing, talking with people you don’t know, and trying to impress cute girls only to find that people don’t want to talk to you or if they do talk to you they just stare then walk away laughing?  After that party, did you leave wondering if something was wrong with you (or “what was wrong with all those idiots”)?  Then, as you’re driving away, you look in your rearview mirror to see that there is a big piece of stupid broccoli or lettuce between your teeth?


The other guys at the party are your competition and they’re certainly not going to tell you about your problem.  And the girls?  Well, they’re just going to laugh at you and leave with some other guy who doesn’t have broccoli in his teeth.

Running a lawn care business is similar to being at a party.  If you have a problem with your advertising or your lawn care pricing, your competition certainly won’t give you any hints and your customers will just pass you over and hire a different lawn care company.  One of the reasons we developed the “Start a Lawn Care Business” guidebooks and training course is to help you develop your lawn care business to such a professional level that your customers will not pass you by. 

Why are lawn mowing customers passing you by when they choose a lawn care provider?  Are you charging too much money and forcing your customers to hire your competition?  Are you charging too little money and suffering from a perceived lack of quality?  Are your marketing efforts catering to people who never hire lawn care people?  Does your mowing equipment look (and cut grass) like pieces of junk?  Does your own personal attitude need refining to effectively deal with and retain your lawn care customers?  Do your lawns look like they were cut by a non-professional after you are finished with your work?

The “Start a Lawn Care Business” course will tell you what you need to know to operate a professional lawn care company that customers will flock to.  We have been in this business for almost 20 years and we’ve been on the consulting side of the business for almost 10 years.  The advice in our lawn care package pulls no punches.   We’re here to give you honest, hardcore, real-world advice about how to run a SUCCESSFUL lawn care business. 

If you didn’t make the money you know you should have made in 2010 then there is something about your business that is screaming:  “DON’T HIRE THIS LAWN CARE SERVICE!!!”

Where is the red flag?  What is telling potential customers to pass you by?  Is it your advertising, your pricing, your equipment, your service, your attitude?  Whatever it is, I am sure you want to know so you can fix the problem.

Pssst!!!  Hey buddy, you have broccoli in your teeth.

More than likely your lawn care company just has a piece of broccoli in its teeth.  Our business program will not only tell you about the broccoli but we’ll show you the best way to pick it out.  Okay, that’s disgusting.  But seriously, out of the hundreds of Lawn Care Business owners we have consulted the last several years, most of them simply have one or two small problems that need to be fixed. 

If you feel there is something holding you back from making great money with your lawn care business, our program will likely be able to put you on a great path to success in 2011.

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