by: Start a Lawn Care Business

Ouch! My neck hurts.

No, it doesn’t hurt because of a recent car crash or an old football injury.  It hurts (figuratively) because I’m getting whipsawed back and forth with this November weather. 

November weather is notoriously fickle in the southeast and this November’s weather is no exception.  Two weeks ago, we had freezing overnight lows, last week we were into the high 70’s with cloudless skies, and this week is starting on a bleary note with showers and highs in the mid-40’s.

Ahh, November, it keeps life interesting for a lawn care professional. 

As much as you might like to complain about the weather, I hope you realize what a blessing November weather is for your lawn care company.  For instance, if you are in the southeast, last week was a perfect time to aerate and overseed all your customer’s lawns before this rainy spell kicked in.  Aeration before seeding allows perfect seed-ground contact.  Seeds will have a great oportunity to germinate and set roots as the rains moisten the soil before harsh winter weather.

We are already hearing from many of our readers in the North and their issues with the first snow plowing jobs of the season.  And, as always, sunny south Florida and Texas are the envy of us all being able to mow practically year-round.

No matter in what part of the country you reside, November weather brings its challenges.  However, if you play it right, November can be a very profitable month for your lawn care business.

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