Are you currently employed in a good job making lots of money?  Do you have a “secure” executive position with your company?  Have you acheived  professional licensure and think you never have to worry about losing your job?

Bank Of America’s announcement that 40,000 of their employees will be losing their jobs in the coming years should make us all aware that we are all vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of our turbulant economy.  No one is safe within Bank Of America.  Tellers will be losing their jobs.  Managers will be losing their jobs.  Upper level executives will be losing their jobs.

Even if you don’t work at Bank Of America you should heed this warning: Nobody’s job is secure, ever.

I have a unique opportunity to speak with many people who are starting lawn care businesses.  Many guys are in highschool and are just wanting to make extra money during the summer and many others have always wanted to own their own businesses and set their own schedules.  However, I have been speaking with many people lately with good jobs who have suddenly been laid off (or fired) and find themselves in the positions of having to make money immediately.   I have even spoken with at least two 6-figure executives this year who were suddenly unemployed and decided to start their own lawn care businesses.

No matter how secure you think you employment is, if the company you work for starts to flounder you may find yourself suddenly unemployed.  It pays for you to have a B plan…and even a C plan if you have any indication, what-so-ever, that you will lose your job.