The USEPA estimates that as much as 17,000,000 gallons of gasoline as spilled each year during refueling of gasoline powered lawn mowers.   17 Million Gallons?  Can you believe that?

I believe that we, as lawn care professionals can use this number to our benefit.  I believe that most of these spills are caused by those annoyingly tiny gas tanks on residential push behind lawn mowers.  Surely lawn care professionals do not spill as much gas as the common homeowners.  Our tanks are bigger, our fill holes are larger, our refilling tanks have retractable spouts that give us better aim, and gasoline is the life blood of our comanies.

Next time a potential client tells you that he is just going to mow the yard himself, remind him about the frustration he will face by the simple act of refilling his lawn mower each week.  If you’re ever asked about your dedication to the environment, remind the questioner that home owners spill millions and millions of gasoline refilling their lawn mowers and you, as a lawn care professional, take care to refill your tanks properly to avoid spilling even 1 single ounce of lawn mower gasoline.

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