Start A Lawn Care Business

The Ferris Industries Evolution Commercial Lawn Mower has been on the market for several months. I dropped by a Ferris dealer last week to get some updates on the mower and hear how the commercial guys like the mower for their mowing businesses.

Ferris Industries Evolution Commercial Lawn Mower

The seat reminds me of a crotch rocket motorcycle. Though I think the lawn mower would be fun to ride and the seat position give the operator a great over-deck view of his cutting area, I wonder about the comfort of riding such a mower for 6 hours per day. Operator fatigue is a huge issue in commercial lawn equipment selection. The Evolution’s operator compartment looks confining. Without the ability to shift body positions, is the evolution more fatiguing than other commercial mowing machines.

With the capability to mow 5.1 acres per hour, the Evolution is a formidable grass cutting machine. That mowing rate is impressive for most any landscaping company with serious grass to cut. I like the deck design and the operator’s positioning for a great view of the cutting deck and grass area.

If you have demoed this mower or if you own a Ferris Industries Evolution commercial lawn mower, I would like to hear your thought on the machine.