Sharpen your commercial lawn mower blades to reduce browning of the lawn and water loss.

The mowing season has been in full swing for a month. If you are cutting an average of 10 lawns each day, 5 days per week, you may have already cut 200 with your new lawn mower blades. Are you sharpening them as often as you should? Sharp blades produce much more professional cuts to your lawns and makes the grass look better than dull or damaged blades.

sharpen lawn mower blades on schedule

Dull blades tend to tear grass leaving a ragged edge to the top of the grass. A ragged edge means there is more surface area of the grass to turn brown. More surface area also increases the amount of water transpired to the atmoshphere from the edge of the grass. Increased water loss is hazardous to grass health especially during the hot, dry summer days.

Sharpen you lawn mower blades as part of your normal lawn mower maintenance schedule.