Fourth of July Fireworks or Start a Lawn Care Business

For the same price as this firework, you can have the Start A Lawn Care Business package.

I would like to wish everyone a happy July Fourth weekend. It is nice to have an occasional 4 day weekend and I hope you are enjoying yours.

I dropped by a Fourth of July fireworks stand earlier this week to pick up some sparklers and bottle rockets. I used to go “all out” buying fireworks years ago until I realized how much money I was spending (wasting) on a few minutes of “oooos and ahhhhs.”

When I was at the fireworks stand, I came across this firework that is the same price (including shipping) as our Start A Lawn Care Business book and estimating software. Which would you rather have: a firework that is going to last (maybe) 30 seconds or a lawn care business package that can help you change your life for the better by teaching you how to start and operate a successful lawn care business?

Millions of people around the country are having a blast this weekend celebrating by buying fireworks. But, secretly, they are dreading Tuesday morning when they will have to go back to a job they hate. Is that what you are feeling too? Before you rush out to spend $50 on fireworks that will only last a few minutes, consider your future. For the same $50, you can have the full lawn care business training course. And, I guarantee, once you start rolling with your own successful lawn care business, you will LOVE what you do and you will never dread the start of the work week again.

We are currently running a special price on the lawn care business program ($43.95 including s&h…less than most fireworks) which includes the lawn care business training manuals, lawn care business software toolkit, and the lawn care estimating calculators.

For more information and to order, visit our main website:
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