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A Rake! A Rake! My Kingdom for a Rake!

leaf raking business for money

Leaf raking means extra money for lawn care companies.

Leaf raking season is upon us. Make lots of money raking leaves for your lawn care customers. Summer lawn mowing season is slowly winding down and we find ourselves on the cusp of a huge leaf raking season.

Most of the country (especially the eastern half of the United States) had plentiful rainfall this summer. Plentiful rainfall means lots of green grass and high growth all summer. I hope all you guys made lots of money mowing lawns this summer.

Abundant rainfall also means abundant foliage on all the trees in your area. Every tree in every yard I drive by seems to be burdened with a ton of leaves. This year’s autumn leaf raking season promises to be one of the best in recent memory for leaf fall. Lots of leaves means your lawn care customers will be calling you for leaf removal and leaf management services.

Is your lawn care business ready for autumn leaf raking services?

I have said in other blog posts that you can make a tremendous amount of money during the autumn months. Customers are willing to pay big money to have their lawns raked and their grass maintained during the months of September thru November. However, many lawn care companies do not know how to properly price their leaf raking jobs. I have seen many lawn care operators dramatically underprice their leaf raking jobs. Too many lawn care companies lose too much money on leaf raking.

This is the time of year when lawn care operators should bank a ton of cash to last them through the winter months.

Do you currently own a lawn care company and you want to know how to make tons of money this season….or….have you not yet started your lawn care company and you want to know how to get customers and price leaf raking jobs?

We have developed a lawn care business guidebook and estimating software that will help you make great money providing lawn care and leaf raking services.

The business package is on sale this month. Click below to order:

Lawn Care and Leaf Raking Business Guidebook and Estimating Software

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Lawn Care Business – Leaf Raking for November 2012

Well, October has passed and we are already well into November.

I am not sure where this year has gone but I do know where the leaves are going? They are collecting all over your customers’ lawns. It’s the time of year when lawn care business owners are busy making a TON of money by providing leaf raking and gutter cleaning services. Unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the warmer states, November and early December mark a final PUSH for lawn care business owners to make lots of cash before harsh winter weather arrives.

If you own a lawn care business or you just want to make money during this time of year, it is not too late to take advantage of leaf raking season. Your customers will pay you great money to rake their leaves and give their lawns a final spruce up before winter.

One problem we have seen is that many lawn care business owners do not know how much money to charge for leaf raking services. Our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software package has a special section dedicated to leaf raking. How to attract customers…how to estimate prices properly…how to perform leaf cleanup quickly and effectively.

For more information about our lawn care business course and to order the program directly from our website, please click the link above to be taken to the ordering page.

Best luck to you this leaf raking season. There are piles of cash to be made by raking piles of leaves.

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Leaf Raking Business – Last Week of September 2012

Autumn has arrived and has ushered in the Leaf Raking Season!

Though our daytime temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s, the nighttime mercury is dipping into the 50’s and 60’s. Autumn is here and in a few weeks fall colors will burst onto the scene. With those beautiful colors, leaf raking season will officially begin. Leaf raking season is a very profitable time of year for lawn care business owners.

If this is your first year running your own lawn care business and if you want to make lots of money between now and the end of the year, right now is when you need to be lining up customers for leaf cleanup.

We have found that there is often more money to be made between now and the end of the year than during the hot summer months. So, don’t neglect making the money you deserve right now with your lawn care business. The problem is; many new lawn care business owners do not know how much money to charge their lawn care customers when they are giving price estimates.

We have developed a comprehensive lawn care business (and leaf raking) strategy guidebook with estimating software to help you understand how to run your business right, get more customers, and price your leaf raking jobs so you can make more money.

For more information, visit our main website:

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Get Ready for Leaf Raking Season

Leaf Raking Season is Coming

Leaf Raking is Big Business

Make Money Raking Leaves This Year

Most years, we start thinking about leaf raking toward the middle of August. This year is different.

Much of the country has experienced substantial rainfall this year. Yet, with a looming dry August, we feel that preparations need to be underway early as the leaf fall could be greater than average once cooler temperatures arrive. Heavier than average leaf fall will mean a greater demand from lawn care customers desiring to have their yards raked and leaves removed or composted. This added demand for leaf raking services means big business and big money for lawn care companies that specialize in leaf removal.

Equipment preparation and early advertising is going to be important this year.

Proper pricing of your leaf removal jobs will also be important. Our company sees many lawn care business owners underestimate their leaf care jobs each year. They lose money because they do not know how to properly estimate their leaf raking contracts. Underestimating can costs a lawn care business owner thousands of dollars per year.

If you are considering adding leaf raking services to your lawn care company or if you are just thinking about starting a lawn care service and want to know how to get customers and make money raking leaves, we invite you to look at our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software. We have developed these resources after over 20 years in the lawn care industry.

The price is less than $50 and will allow you to become more profitable in your lawn care estimating.
Visit our main page [] for complete ordering information.

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Start a Leaf Raking & Lawn Care Business – November 2011

So, here we are in November 2011. Another mowing season is coming to an end. Many lawn care business owners are busy storing their lawn care equipment for the cold winter months.

If you are one of these lawn care business owners that thinks the lawn care season has come to an end, you might be leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table. Right now is a prime money making season. Through much of the country leaves are falling and your customers will pay GOOD MONEY to have their leaves raked. For additional money you can provide aerating services, overseeding, pre-winter cleanup, gutter cleaning and clearing, and a number of other money making lawn care services.

To learn how to make money during November with your lawn care business, take a look at our guidebook and estimating software package on our main webpage.

The lawn care website address is:

Start A Lawn Care & Leaf Raking Business

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Happy Halloween from Start A Lawn Care Business

Halloween is here and we hope all our readers have a fun and safe evening.
November begins tomorrow and it brings many opportunities for your lawn care business. Leaf raking, gutter cleaning, and snow removal are big money makers during November.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Hi Everyone:

Happy Labor Day weekend.

I hope you are able to take an extended break this weekend.  It’s hard to believe it is September already.  Yesterday we had 100 degree temeratures but today is only getting into the mid 80’s.  A bit of rain over the coming days will also help temper the heat and, better yet, give us some grass growth which will last for the next several weeks.

We are approaching a VERY busy lawn care season.  Grass mowing, leaf raking, overseeding, aerating, fertilizing, and other lawn care jobs will keep you very busy in the upcoming months.

So, take this weekend to rest up.

Happy long weekend to you all:

From Keith and all of us at:


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The Last Day of August – Prepare for leaf raking season.

In a few more hours we will bid farewell to August 2011.

While it has been a great summer for the lawn mowing industry, I am not sad to say goodbye to those long, hot, dusty August days.  The temperatures are still high but I can feel a break in the intensity of  the hot days.  This lowered intensity tells me Autumn is right around the corner and fall leaf raking is not far behind.

We are in the Southeast section of the United States.  Those of you in the northern states are already seeing the beginnings of fall foliage. Money might not GROW on trees but it sure will be FALLING from trees during the next three months.

Don’t miss out on the leaf raking season.  Even if you haven’t started your lawn care business yet, there is still plenty of time to get your business started (or ramp up your existing business) and make a ton of money performing leaf cleanup jobs.

Learn leaf raking strategies and estimating procedures in our lawn care business program available through our main website:


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Summer Grass Mowing Season is Coming to an End.

Summer’s grass mowing season is coming to an end. Leaf raking takes over.

How do I know this? Is it the shorter days? Is it the cooler nights? Is it the lengthening shadows? Is it the falling leaves? Is it the start of football season?

Summer Grass Mowing vs. Autumn Leaf Raking

Summer is coming to an end.

No, none of these things tell me that summer is coming to an end. I don’t need a weatherman or a calendar. I only need to take a walk through my local Walgreens to see a “25% Off Summer Toys” sign to let me know that the lucrative and profitable grass mowing season will soon come to an end.

Actually, if you own a lawn care business, there is NO NEED TO PANIC. Though it is already the end of August, many lawn care companies (especially in the southern states) will be mowing grass well into November. And, if you don’t make enough money mowing grass for the next two month, leaf raking season should easily carry your lawn care business well into next year.

So, when you see signs of summer’s end, rest assured that there are still PLENTY of opportunities to make a TON of money mowing grass raking leaves for the next several months.

If you have ever thought about starting a lawn care business but don’t know where to start, we have developed a comprehensive lawn care business training course that will teach you practically everything you need to know about starting and operating a successful lawn care business. For more information about our business course, please visit our main webpage.

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Leaf Raking & Landscaping Gloves – Protect your hands.

Landscaping Gloves

Landscaping Gloves

As August days draw shorter and my shadow across the landscape grows longer, I am reminded that leaf raking season is upon us once again.

Ah, the crisp crunch of dried leaves underfoot.

Ah, the sight of a growing bank account as grateful customers pay great money to have their yards raked and mulched week after week.

Ouch, the pain of the blisters from leaf rakes.

Believe me, I know the pain.  No matter how rough and strong and callused your hands become during the mowing season, a leaf rake always has a way of finding that one tender spot.  After a few hours of raking, even the roughest hands succumb to painful blisters caused by heavy leaf work.  In addition to leaf rakes, hands are vulnerable to sharp sticks and biting insects that lurk in piles of leaves.

I just want to give you a quick reminder that if you are raking leaves this year as part of your lawn care business, spend the time (and a few extra dollars) to purchase a quality pair of work gloves.  I know you will be tempted to buy the cheapo $1.00 gardening gloves but, trust me, those gloves will barely last through one day of heavy leaf work.  Spend the extra money and get a quality pair of gloves.

Below is a list (from of quality work gloves that should last you an entire season of leaf raking:




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