How much money can I earn with a Lawn Care Business?

Many of our readers wrote to comment about our blog posting from January where we linked to our lawn care “earnings potential”  calculator.  The posting was designed to give you a goal for 2010.  Along with the posting, we linked to the Lawn Care Estimating calculator to help you discover how much money you could make (weekly income) during 2010.

If you took the challenge in January, we would love to hear how you are doing with your goal.  Are you making more money than you thought you would make or are you slightly behind schedule?  If you are behind schedule with your earnings, there’s nothing to worry about.  Though the year is almost 1/2 over, the season has barely begun.  June is a PRIME time to gear up your lawn care business and start picking up bigger and better customers.  The next few month are the time to really prove yourself.  With a bit of motivation, we know you can still reach your earnings goal for this year.

If you want to use the calculator to figure your earnings potential doing lawn care, check out the link here:

Lawn Care Estimating Calculator

We would also like to remind you that our Lawn Care Business Course is currently on sale through our main website.  The course will show you how to start and operate a successful lawn care business.  With your purchase of the lawn care business course, you will also receive the full set of lawn care estimating software to help you with your estimating and bidding. 

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