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Mowing Fast Food Restaurants – Quick Money

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Make more money in your lawn care business with fast food restaurants.

Mowing the islands as fast food restaurants is an easy way to make more money with your lawn care business.

We have found that these lawn mowing contracts are very profitable to lawn care business owners. Islands at fast food restaurants are easy to mow and they normally do not require large equipment. Once you prove that you can perform the lawn care work professionally, restaurant owners who operate more than one restaurant location will be quick to contract you to do all their lawn care work.

There are a few caveats. The lawn care work must normally be done during non-business hours or when there are the fewest number of cars in the parking lot as possible. Care must be taken to prevent debris from striking cars and customers of the business location. The restaurant owners will negotiate your prices. So, be sure to have a definite pricing strategy when submitting your initial lawn care estimate. Lawn care business liability insurance will be required as will proper licensing of your lawn care business. Finally, your billing will likely be on a net 30 basis so it will take some time to get your money.

If you’re interested in making more money with your lawn care business. Our lawn care business strategy guidebook teaches you how to bid lawn mowing contracts such as fast food restaurants.

To order the lawn care business guidebook and lawn care business estimating software, visit our main website here:
Lawn Care Business Program

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How To Bid (and Win) Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing Contracts

Remember that lawn care contract you bid on way back in January of this year? If you lost the contract because you were not the lowest bidder, there is hope that you can still win the contract.

Many contracting agencies follow a “lowest bidder first” rule when awarding lawn care contacts. This means that the lowest bidder will be awarded the contract irrespective of higher bidders’ experience levels. Though the lowest bidder might lack equipment, personel, or experience, they will be allowed to attempt to successfully complete the contract.

If the winning bidder is not able to competently perform the work, the contracting agency will, likely, cancel the contract due to non-performance and will contact the next highest bidder to see if that company wants to complete the remainder of the contract.

As summer wears on, make contact with the purchasing managers of the contracts you bid earlier this year. Let them know that you are still interested in the contract should the winning bidder fail to perform his work correctly.

***WARNING*** There are a few tactics some purchasing managers use to prevent lawn care companies from getting the money they deserve. Learn how to be aware of (and counteract) these tactics in our Lawn Care Business Owners Guidebook and Software Package.

For more information, please visit our main website:

How to Bid Lawn Care Contracts

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Lawn Care Business Program – Perfect Christmas Gift

Start a Lawn Care Business - Perfect Christmas Present

Start A Lawn Care Business - Perfect Christmas Present

Hi Everyone: Our Lawn Care Business Guidebooks and Estimating Software makes a GREAT Christmas present.

We received an order from a lady today who is ordering this package as her son’s Christmas present. Her son is working a dead-end job and she wants to buy this for him so he can start his own business and take a step forward in his own life. She asked if we will ship this without any indication of its contents so the surprise won’t be ruined.

Also, she wants to know if it will reach them in time for Christmas.

The answers to her questions are easy. Yes, we are happy to ship this without marks indicating its contents. And, yes, we ship promptly with a 3 day expected delivery time.


If you or someone you know is interested in starting a lawn care business, our lawn care business package is JAM-PACKED with a TREMENDOUS amount of information on how to start and grow a successful lawn care business. We have been associated with the lawn care industry since 1992 and we have always felt that starting with the advice of professionals in the industry is the best method of starting and growing. Too many new business owners get started without the proper information. They underprice their jobs, buy the wrong equipment, and miss out on very important contracts.

Order our lawn care program right away and we will make sure it is shipped to you promptly. Normal delivery time is 3 business days.

Thank you and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Start A Lawn Care Business – Perfect Christmas Gift

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Lawn Care Mowing Contracts – Apartment Complexes

Mowing Contracts - Apartment Complexes

Mowing Contracts - Apartment Complexes

Take your Lawn Care Business to the next level with lawn mowing contracts.

Although we recommend brand new lawn care business owners start small by bidding easily managed lawn care jobs, we believe that properly bidding larger-scale lawn maintenance contracts helps lawn care businesses grow rapidly.

There are several benefits to bidding large scale contracts:
1) Allows the mowing company to take advantage of economy-of-scale of larger jobs
2) Reduces down time due to travel and loading/unloading
3) Increases ability of man-hour multiples
[We discuss how you can take advantage of these and many more benefits of lawn mowing contracts in our Lawn Care Business training course]

If you are looking to take your lawn care business to the next level, large scale mowing contract work such as apartment complexes may help you make more money. Learning how to bid contracts, negotiate with contract managers, purchase the correct equipment, and do the work quickly & professionally will determine how much money you can make from these mowing contracts.

Our Lawn Care Business training course includes a special chapter designed specifically to teach you how to bid larger-scale mowing maintenance contracts. If you would like to learn more about the lawn care training package, please visit our main website:

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Lawn Care Estimating – The Driveway Moment.

Lawn Care Estimating - The Driveway Moment

Lawn Care Estimating - The Driveway Moment

What do you think is the most important part of estimating lawn care jobs? 

When I am consulting with new lawn care business owners I spend lots of time discussing the basics of giving proper lawn care business bids.  Understanding the total costs of each particular job is paramount to knowing how much money to bid.  Basic knowledge of your overhead is important as is knowing local pricing (what the market will bear).   Our Lawn Care Business Guidebook contains an excellent bidding tutorial which teaches you the basic principles (as well as the finer points) of lawn care estimating

All of this information is helpful to you in determining a basic price and the Lawn Care Estimating Calculator Software is a very handy business tool.  However, all these “textbook estimating examples and calculators” don’t do you any good if you can’t actually SELL your services to your customers.  

Let’s face it, presentation is highly important when you are giving lawn care estimates.  If customers don’t believe you will do a good job, they will pass over your estimates and choose other lawn care companies.  If you are not confident in your bids, customers will sense your weakness and will get you to lower your prices.  If you are not prepared to offer additional services to your customers, you will miss crucial upsell opportunities.  All of these things cost you money. 

When giving lawn care estimates, I have always taken a couple of moments to sit in the driveway before exiting my truck.  These “Driveway Moments” allow me time to prepare myself for each sales call.  During this time I scan the house & the yard (and even the cars in the driveway) looking for clues that give me an indication of the price I can get for each job.  I also look for additional services to offer the customer.  No matter what the customer requests, I try to have 3 or 4 addtional services that the customer might need.  Great presentation, understanding of your customers’ needs, and proper upselling can make your lawn care business thousands of dollars of additional income during the course of a year.  

The driveway moment also gives me an opportunity to put myself in a proper frame of mind (psych myself up).  It allows me to forget about that guy who cut me off in traffic as I was leaving my last lawn care job.  It allows me to convince myself that I will not be talked down on my price.  It allows me to approach the estimate with enthusiasm, confidence, and a positive attitude.  

If you are new to the lawn care business and you feel that you don’t do a good enough job in presenting your lawn care estimates, give yourself a Driveway Moment before knocking on the door of your next potential customer.  I have given thousands of estimates over the years and I still believe that the Driveway Moment is one of the most important parts of estimating lawn care jobs. 

If you are a new lawn care business owner and you need help in your estimating process, our Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Software package is what you need to help you give better estimates.  To learn more about this HUGE lawn care business guidebook, business toolkit, and estimating software, please visit our main webpage: 

How To Estimate A Lawn Mowing Job


Fence Clearing and your Lawn Care Business Services. Welcome to the Jungle, baby.

Make money with fence clearing. Lawn Care Business.
500′ of overgrown fence line. Good money for a lawn care business owner.

Can you make money clearing fences for your lawn care business customers?  Yes.
Is it fun? No.

Fence clearing is one of those jobs that no one likes.  It’s laborious, slow moving, and hard on weedeaters & other lawn care equipment (not to mention your back).  Fence rows become overgrown quickly and since nobody truly likes clearing fence rows those jobs can generate good money for your lawn care business.  Especially if you have customers in rural areas where fence rows are common, you should consider adding fence row clearing to your list of lawn care services.
What’s so bad about clearing fence rows and is it worth the money?
Despite heavy brush that chokes your weedeaters, broken barbed wire fence sections that can penetrate your skin, briars & thorns that get tangled in your clothing, snakes, bees, wasps and poison ivy, a properly cleared fence row greatly improves the apprearance of a piece of property and makes the owner very happy (and willing to spend good money on your lawn care services).
There is good money in fence clearing if you know how to price your jobs correctly.  You can use the estimating software located in our (Start A Lawn Care Business) program to help you calculate prices on your lawn care jobs.  It is a HUGE help especially if you are just starting out or if you are looking to expand your lawn care business this year with new customers and new services.
Whenever we’re tackling an overgrown fence row like the one pictured above, I always have Guns’n’Roses playing in my head.
“Welcome to the Jungle, baby.”

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Mowing Grass for Foreclosure Homes

Make money mowing grass on foreclosures.

Learn how to make money mowing grass on foreclosures. This sign is advertising a free foreclosure list at a local real-estate office.

Can your Lawn Care Company make money mowing foreclosure lawns?

Lawn care business owners have faced a tough business climate since the housing bubble burst. We ( have been guiding many business owners on methods of making money during this economic downturn. We get to speak with lots of Lawn Care Business owners and we have seen increased opportunities for the past several months.

Now that we’re coming out of the winter season, spring cleanup jobs are in abundance. Our financial winter is also coming to an end and the housing market is beginning to see new signs of life. Just this morning, I was reading a report that states foreclosure filings dropped 27% from February of last year.

Since the foreclosure market has been so big in recent years, we have become experts in tracking down foreclosures and making money upkeeping their lawns. The fact that foreclosure filings are dropping means that real-estate is moving again and real estate agents are becoming even more willing to spend big money fixing up lawns of foreclosed homes and businesses.

We believe the opportunity to make lots of money providing lawn care and landscaping services on foreclosure properties will remain strong all this year and into next year.

If you are just starting your lawn care business or if you are looking to expand an existing lawn care business, our guidebook will help you understand how to bid these properties and how to make great money doing foreclosure cleanup.

For more information on the business program, visit our main website:

Make Money Mowing Foreclosure Lawns

Housing Authority Lawn Care Contracts

February is here and lawn mowing contracts are being bid in earnest.

As developers of the Start A Lawn Care Business training course we subscribe to many bidding lists around the nation.  We do this to keep our finger on the pulse of bidding trends across the nation.  Of course, we don’t intend to bid on all these mowing contracts but they help us keep you informed of increased bidding potentials in your market area.

A recent bid proposal came across our desks this morning for a housing authority mowing contract.  This particular contract caught our eyes because we have bid on many housing authority contracts over the years.  In fact, our first major mowing contract bid was for a large housing authority grass cutting contract.  This was in our first year of business.  We had little knowledge about how to bid contracts and since no other lawn care company would tell us how to do it, we basically stumbled our way through the bidding process.  We did not know the number of pitfalls associated with such a contract…and, believe me, there are MANY things you need to be wary of when bidding housing authority contracts.

That very first major bidding experience we had of bidding a housing authority mowing contract  is one of the reasons we developed the lawn care business.  So many lawn care business owners are in the dark about bidding lawn care contracts.  If you are considering bidding a lawn care contract your sources of information are very limited.  Your competitors certainly aren’t going to tell you how to bid a contract.  The contracting agency certainly isn’t going to help you bid a proper amount.  So, who are you going to ask?

Our lawn care business program contains a special section on bidding both small-scale and large-scale lawn care contracts.  We believe that teaching you how to bid these contracts strengthens our entire industry.

To learn more about the lawn care business package, please visit our main website:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Scheduling your Lawn Care Customers

Proximity Scheduling for your Lawn Care Customers

Our lawn care business program is a heavy-duty course in how to run an efficient, successful, and profitable lawn care business.  We believe that, in order to be successful in your lawn care business, you MUST be efficient in your business practices.  One of the problems new lawn care business owners face is proper scheduling of their lawn care customers.  In our lawn care business program, we teach a practice we call “Proximity Scheduling.”

Drive time, load time, and unload time are huge drains on your productivity.  Having lawn care customers all over town is very inefficient.  Driving to your customer, stopping your lawn care truck, unloading your lawn care equipment, mowing the grass, loading your lawn care equipment, and driving to your next customer half-way across town is a tremendously inefficient way to operate your lawn care business and schedule your customers.

Proper scheduling of lawn care customers can more than double your lawn care business productivity.

Since springtime has yet to begin, right now is a perfect time to take a serious look at your scheduling habits for the upcoming year.  Have you developed a proper strategy of customer scheduling?  Our “Proximity Scheduling” philosophy begins when you start advertising your company.  Proper advertising, initial customer interview, customer setup, route selection, and mowing patterns are all integrated to help you complete each customer as quickly as possible.  The more efficient you are in your lawn care customer scheduling, the more money you should make with your lawn care business.

To learn more about running an efficient lawn care business, please visit our main home page to learn about our lawn care business program:
Start A Lawn Care Business


Lawn Care Request for Bids – Contracts.

Are you a lawn care business owner that is tired of doing 100% residential jobs?

Though there is great money to be made mowing residential lawns and creating small landscapes, we suggest many lawn care companies can greatly increase their revenue by adding a few larger-scale mowing contracts into their customer mix. If you have ever wanted to take your lawn care business to the next level, February is a perfect time to bid on larger scale lawn mowing and landscaping contracts. City and county governments, government agencies, industrial plants, retail establishments, and apartment complexes are letting out bids for lawn care work during February.

Successfully bidding a large-scale grass cutting contract is not as easy as it might sound. We have seen many people fail at successfully bidding mowing contracts. Common mistakes in bidding on these contracts include: misunderstanding the scope of work, improper equipment selection, under bidding in an attempt to lowball your competitors, over bidding in an attempt to make more mone from the contracting agency, and insufficient business requirements (lack of insurance, incomplete permits, unproven ability to complete the work.)

If you would like to learn how to properly bid on lawn mowing and grass cutting contracts, our Lawn Care Business guidebook and software program can help you. The program includes estimating software and an excellent guide to bidding lawn mowing contracts.

Learn more on our homepage:
Start A Lawn Care Business

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