It Sucks For This Guy - Getting a truck stuck on a steep driveway.

Getting a truck stuck on a steep driveway.

One thing we try to do with our lawn care business blog (and the lawn care business training package) is to help you avoid annoying and costly situations.  With nearly 20 years’ experience in the lawn care industry we have seen many small nusiances turn into large problems simply because lawn care business owners don’t know how to avoid and maneuver obstacles associated with doing the business.

I witnessed one such annoyance today.  Now, while this problem did not involve a lawn care company it did involve a situation that many lawn care companies find themselves in.  If you are driving a large truck with a long wheelbase, pulling a trailer, or have a drop hitch on your vehicle you should be particularly careful transitioning off the roadway and up steep driveways.

I have seen many instances where a lawn care truck’s drop hitch contacts the ground as the truck is beginning to climb the driveway.  The forward momentum of the vehicle causes the drop hitch to dig into the asphalt but not before the rear wheels lose traction.  This is VERY annoying and, practically, the only way to get out of the situation is to call a wrecker and have your vehicle towed out.

So, if you have lawn care customers with steep driveways, keep this in mind before you go barreling up the driveway and cause yourself a ton of grief.

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