Landscaping Gloves

Landscaping Gloves

As August days draw shorter and my shadow across the landscape grows longer, I am reminded that leaf raking season is upon us once again.

Ah, the crisp crunch of dried leaves underfoot.

Ah, the sight of a growing bank account as grateful customers pay great money to have their yards raked and mulched week after week.

Ouch, the pain of the blisters from leaf rakes.

Believe me, I know the pain.  No matter how rough and strong and callused your hands become during the mowing season, a leaf rake always has a way of finding that one tender spot.  After a few hours of raking, even the roughest hands succumb to painful blisters caused by heavy leaf work.  In addition to leaf rakes, hands are vulnerable to sharp sticks and biting insects that lurk in piles of leaves.

I just want to give you a quick reminder that if you are raking leaves this year as part of your lawn care business, spend the time (and a few extra dollars) to purchase a quality pair of work gloves.  I know you will be tempted to buy the cheapo $1.00 gardening gloves but, trust me, those gloves will barely last through one day of heavy leaf work.  Spend the extra money and get a quality pair of gloves.

Below is a list (from of quality work gloves that should last you an entire season of leaf raking: