Spring is almost here and we have been blogging quite a bit lately about attracting new lawn care clients. 

What kind of clients are you trying to attract this year?  Individual residences, homeowner’s associations, real estate agents, and business complexes should all be within a lawn care business owner’s customer mix.  A diversity of clients makes a stronger lawn care business.  If there is a downturn in one sector of a lawn care company’s client list, the other sectors will buffer the hardship.  For example; we received an email from a lawn care business owner last year who focused all his attention in previous years on a single industrial complex.  The money was great and his drive time between customers was minimal.  However, at the beginning of last year businesses began suffering greatly due to the economy and the lawn care business owner lost over 75% of his revenue from that one complex.

There is one customer we did not mention above; landlords.  As the nation’s economy begins to get back on track this year, we think landlords, once again, are a great source of revenue.  Landlords definately want a bargain for their money but on the positive side most landlords own multiple units and they can give you a steady stream of work to fill gaps in your schedule.  Landlords understand the value of curb appeal and they are more than willing to pay you a fair price to keep their properties looking great for their renters (and prospective renters).

Do you want to add a landlord or two to your lawn care customer client list?  Do you want to charge these landlords more than they are willing to pay.  Landlords are very protective of their property investments and a great strategy of proving your worth to a landlord is to show him you will care for his property when you are mowing.  Landlords hate having to make repairs and they hate air conditioner problems.  When you are speaking with a landlord about mowing his property mention that you always take special care to blow the grass away from the air conditioner unit.  Grass can clog the cooling fins and repairs are costly.

Grass and leaves can cause air conditioner problems

Grass and leaves can cause air conditioner problems.

Impressing a landlord client will mean you can charge more money and he will tell his other landlord friends about your services.

If you want to learn more about how to generate a proper mix of lawn care clients for your lawn care and landscaping business, our lawn care business strategy guide book will show you how.  Also, our estimating software will help you with your quotes so you can operate a successful and profitable lawn care business.

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