Have you ever seen obnoxious advertising that turns you away from a company and years later the memory of that advertising still leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you won’t do business with them because of an advertisement you saw years earlier?

On the opposite side, does GOOD advertising have as much a long-term impact?

Two advertisements involving trees.  One good.  One bad.

I came across two forms of advertising signs this week.  Neither of them deal with lawn care but they both have something in common.  Trees.  Both advertisements make use of trees outside their buildings.  One of the advertisements is an obnoxious banner hung lengthwise down a tree’s trunk.  The other advertisement is a positive and tastefully designed sign which incorporates trees on the business’ property.

Advertising sign #1

As you can see from this photograph, a financial services company strapped a white banner to a tree in hopes of luring customers into their business.   This banner is a distraction, it’s ugly, and it is completely out of place hung from an otherwise very attractive tree in a residential-type neighborhood.

Advertising sign #2


The second sign is for a health wellness center.  The company has named itself “The Wellness Tree” and it incorporates a beautiful shade tree just outside the front door.

The sign includes a wrought iron rendering of this tree.


The Wellness Tree honors the trees on their property and invites clients to enjoy their beauty and shade.  The other company degrades their trees by hanging ugly banners from them.

As silly as this may sound, I will forever remember the gaudy banner hung by the financial services company.  It will always be a deterrent to my doing business with them.

As you design your lawn care company’s advertising, consider the aesthetic of your placements and how they fit in with their surrounding landscapes.

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