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Mowing Fast Food Restaurants – Quick Money

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Mowing Fast Food Restaurants

Make more money in your lawn care business with fast food restaurants.

Mowing the islands as fast food restaurants is an easy way to make more money with your lawn care business.

We have found that these lawn mowing contracts are very profitable to lawn care business owners. Islands at fast food restaurants are easy to mow and they normally do not require large equipment. Once you prove that you can perform the lawn care work professionally, restaurant owners who operate more than one restaurant location will be quick to contract you to do all their lawn care work.

There are a few caveats. The lawn care work must normally be done during non-business hours or when there are the fewest number of cars in the parking lot as possible. Care must be taken to prevent debris from striking cars and customers of the business location. The restaurant owners will negotiate your prices. So, be sure to have a definite pricing strategy when submitting your initial lawn care estimate. Lawn care business liability insurance will be required as will proper licensing of your lawn care business. Finally, your billing will likely be on a net 30 basis so it will take some time to get your money.

If you’re interested in making more money with your lawn care business. Our lawn care business strategy guidebook teaches you how to bid lawn mowing contracts such as fast food restaurants.

To order the lawn care business guidebook and lawn care business estimating software, visit our main website here:
Lawn Care Business Program

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Lawn Care Equipment Trailer Parking Strategies

Lawn Care Equipment Parking

Do you have lawn care customers with short driveways? Do you have commercial lawn care clients who don’t want you parking in their parking lots? Do you have lawn care stops, without turn-arounds, that force you to back your equipment trailer onto a busy street? How do you handle these problems in your lawn care business while still maintaining safety for your employees and other drivers on the street?

This week, I noticed three examples of lawn care operators who chose to park their vehicles in the roadway. Each lawn care operator displayed a different degree of safety.

What safety procedures do you employ when parking your lawn care equipment trucks and trailers?

Are you interested in making more money and running a more successful lawn care business? Our lawn care business guidebook and estimating software will help you start and operate your own successful lawn care business. Click below to order or visit our main lawn care website for more information.

Your Choice of Software

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Lawn Care Business Customer List – Mid Summer Expansion

We dedicate a large portion of our lawn care business guidebook to the concept of building a highly profitable lawn care client list. You can learn how to turn your low profit customers into a highly profitable lawn care business customer list that will make you thousands more dollars between now and the end of the year.

Low Profit Lawn Care Customer List

If you operate a lawn care business, you probably know the relative ease of gaining customers through competitive (lowball) bidding practices and expensive advertising. While the strategy of lowball bidding and expensive advertising will build a large client list, it is probably not a desirable customer list. Unfortunately, many new lawn care companies fall into the trap during their first few months in business of acquiring low paying customers with difficult to manage lawn care needs.

Highly Profitable Lawn Care Customers

Now that summer is in full swing, it is time for you to weed out your low-profit customers and begin building a highly profitable customer list. By now, you have identified your good customers versus the ones that are barely making you any money for the amount of time and effort you spend on their lawns.

The questions you probably have are:

1) Should I drop low paying customers?

2) How can I attract higher paying customers?

We do not suggest you drop low paying customers as a first course of action? Instead, our lawn care business training course supports methods of increasing the amount of money your customers pay you each month. Increased rates and nominal services increased with higher profit margins will dramatically increase the amount of money each customer pays you. Yes, you might lose some customers. However, we have developed a solid customer psychology strategy to help you retain many, if not most, of your customers.

Lawn Care Business Training Guide

Higher paying lawn care customers can be attracted via careful marketing of your lawn care business. Again, our lawn care training guide teaches you how to specifically target higher paying customers and develop strategies to build a highly profitable list of high paying customers.

If you are languishing with low paying lawn care customers, take steps right now to increase the profit of each lawn care customer.

Visit our main website (click the “Start A Lawn Care Business” link at the top of this page) to learn more about our lawn care business training course.

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The Last Few Lawn Mowing Cycles Of The Year

Lawn Mowing End of Season

Lawn Mowing End of Season Mowing Cycles

The first half of September has passed us by and we are now into the last days of summer.  September 23, 2011 marks the official end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

For much of the country, there are still a few more mowing cycles to perform for your customers.  Of course, our friends in Florida will be mowing and mowing long after our friends in Minnesota (and our readers in Canada) are covered in snow.  Still, if you want to make money in lawn care (no matter where you are located in the country) you still have a few months to get rolling with your own lawn care business.

For the rest of you in the more temperate sections of the country, make the most of these last few mowing cycles.  Take extra time to mow well and trim to perfection.  Your customers will truly remember & appreciate your extra attention to their lawns right now.  They will be more likely to call you back in the springtime if you leave them with great looking lawns as the mowing season winds down.

Of course, if you want to run your business year-round and make money all 12 months, we have included a GREAT “guide to running your business through the winter months” in our lawn care business training guidebook.  You will be surprised how easy it is to sell customers add-on services through the colder months.  Providing lawn care and non-lawn care services during the winter months is very important.  Not only does it allow you to make additional money during the slower months but it also means you will keep your customers active and they will be raring to go once springtime rolls around again.

For more information about our business package, check out our main website.  The Lawn Care Business Training Package is on sale right now through the website:
Start A Lawn Care Business

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High Temperatures and your Lawn Care Business

100 Degrees Summer Temperatures and your Lawn Care Business

100 Degrees is dangerous to lawn care business owners.

Today Would Be a Good Day to Sit in Front of An Air Conditioner” the headline reads.

Unfortunately for us lawn care business owners, air conditioning is not always available when we are out on a lawn mower or hefting around a heavy weedeater.

We would like to remind everyone to pay attention to the heat this summer. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, eat properly, and dress in light colors and fabrics that will help you stay cool. Time is money and I know it is difficult to take time off this time of year especially if your schedule is filled with lawn care clients wanting their grass cut. However, it is also a good idea to take breaks during the hottest part of the day.

We have written often about the importance of fending off health problems caused by high summer temperatures. We would just like to remind you that there are several more weeks of summer heat. Take care of yourself and your lawn care workers.

Running your lawn care business for the next few weeks will be difficult. However, cooler days are not far off.

If you are just getting started with your lawn care business, check out our main website:
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6 months down 6 months to go – Lawn Care Business in the Second Half of the Year

Mid Summer Lawn Care Business Strategies

Mid Summer Lawn Care Business Strategies

July is here??? Wait, I just blinked and 1/2 the year is already gone!!!!

Well, whether you like it or not, July IS here. If you own a lawn care business, I hope you are really mowing strong right now. Mid-summer is prime money making time for your lawn mowing company. If you are not making a lot of money mowing grass right now then you really need to re-evaluate your business strategy.

I have always used the first week of July to do a mid-year business audit and I ask myself such questions as:

How is my year going? Is my customer list where it needs to be? Are there customers that need to be replaced? Are my prices where they need to be? Am I on track to make my yearly goal? What can I do right now to ramp up my business going into the second half of the year?

Normally, I have always been able to come up with a few business strategies to gain new lawn care customers and entice current customers to spend more money. Mid-year customer evaluation is also done in July…not their evaluation of my lawn care company but my evaluation of them as customers.

Do they need a price increase? Do they need their service day rescheduled to better fit with other customers in the same area? Do one or two “complaining customers” need to be dropped and replaced with better customers?

Finally, I have always used July to really push non-mowing related services. Bed maintenance (mulching, barrier installation additional summer color plantings), shrub trimming, repair of drought affected areas, detailed edging, ornamentation and design work, etc. Customers REALLY want their yards looking nice during July. There are summer parties, cookouts, picnics, family reunions, volleyball & Frisbee in the yard. Assuring your customers of beautiful and functional yards during these summer months can bring you a tremendous amount of additional income from your lawn care business.

If you didn’t make as much money as you know you should have during the first 6 months of 2011, I encourage you to take a look at our lawn care business program. The book and software package is packed with business ideas that will help make your lawn care business a success. Even if you haven’t started your lawn care business yet, the year is only 1/2 over and there is PLENTY of opportunity for your to get started quickly and make great money for the rest of the summer.

For more information on the Lawn Care Business Book, Lawn Care Software, and Lawn Care Estimating Calculators, please visit our main website:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Awesome News…I lost my job.

I got fired from my job and started a lawn care business.Many of the people who purchase our lawn care business program are just trying to make extra money to supplement their weekly paychecks. Then again, many other people are looking to immediately start doing lawn care as a full time business.

A couple weeks ago, we received a telephone call from a guy who had recently been fired from his job. He had not been laid off. He had been flat out FIRED with no possibility of collecting unemployment benefits!!! This guy sounded really distraught. He was panicing and calling us for help starting his lawn care business before he had to tell his wife the horrible news about losing his job.

“How quickly can I start my business?” “How much money will it cost for lawn care equipment?” “How much money can I make in my first month doing lawn care?”

I tried to answer his questions as succinctly as I could but many questions, such as those dealing with monthly income, are difficult to answer because that answer depends on many individual variables. I let him know that the Estimating Calculators that are included with the lawn care software are a GREAT help in determining the amount of money to charge customers and they will help him determine his monthly income. Our program goes into great detail about how to start a lawn care business, what types of lawn care equipment to purchase, how to build a customer list very quickly, how much money to charge your customers, how to perform the work and make it look professional, how to bid on large lawn care contracts, etc. etc.

After almost 10 minutes on the telephone answering his questions about the value of our lawn care business program, he decided to order the package over the telephone with his credit card. As soon as I took his information and received an approval from his Credit Card company, I could hear a sigh of relief on his end of the phone. “WHEWWW!!!”

I asked if he was okay. He just said that he was still worried about telling his wife about getting fired but he felt he was taking steps in the right direction. He was very excited about getting his business started. I told him that getting fired might be the best thing that ever happened to him and that he should tell his wife about the AWESOME (not bad) news that he has to tell her.

In a quick 10 minute phone call, he went from being an unemployed loser with no job and no income to being a self-motivated entrepreneur starting his own lawn care business.

If you are in a bad financial situation and want to start your own lawn care business, take a serious look at our Lawn Care Business program. We have packed it full of almost 20 years of business experience. It will take you from your first days of starting your business to growing to the point where you need to hire employees.

For more information, please visit our main webpage:

Start A Lawn Care Business

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Southeast Storm Damage – Lawn Care Business Pricing

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage cleanup means big money in the lawn care industry.

If you are anywhere within the Southeast portion of the United States this week, I am sure you have either experienced severe weather or seen it on television. The past several days have been intense with thunderstorms and very heavy winds (if not tornadoes). In fact, tornado sirens were sounding all over our area last night as storm after storm rolled through. If you or those you love have been affected by this severe weather, we hope you pulled through without property (or personal) damage.

It seems like we’ve written many times about severe weather in just the past few weeks.

Once again, as terrible as it is that many people have down trees and property damage, the potential for lawn care companies to make money right now seems to be greater than ever. Storm cleanup work is plentiful in storm damaged areas. If you have necessary tools, hauling capacity, man power, and a lawn care business already established in an area affected by the storms, you should consider adding storm cleanup services to your existing lawn care business services.

Do you know how to price your storm cleanup services?

One of the biggest problems new lawn care business owners face is the ability and confidence to price their lawn care services correctly. We fully understand how difficult it is to price your lawn care services when you are a new company owner. You don’t want to overbid your jobs and lose your customers. You also don’t want to underbid your services and risk losing money.

We faced this same problem when we started our lawn care company but we quickly developed pricing strategies so we could make the most money possible from all of our lawn care customers and still keep them happy with great services and terrific looking lawns.

If you want to learn how to properly price your lawn care services (including storm cleanup) we encourage you to visit our main webpage and learn about our Lawn Care Business Guidebook and Estimating Software Business Package. This program is a huge resource for new (and existing) lawn care business owners. It includes bidding tutorials and estimating software to help you start and operate a successful lawn care business.

Visit our homepage:

Make Money With Your Lawn Care Business

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Build A Lawn Care Client List for Free

Retail Lawn Care Customers

Tall grass and trash in the weeds drive away customers.

Are you looking for new lawn care customers?  An assertive disposition will help you add many new customers to your lawn care client list for free.

I took this picture a couple weeks ago and want to share a marketing strategy with you that I have used many times in the past.

Image is important in the retail world.  Retail stores spend lots of money on signs and window displays all in an effort to lure customers into their stores.  A bright banner or a well placed sign can be the difference in a car pulling into their parking lot versus driving by and shopping at another retail outlet.

Since image is important, can you imagine the customers that continue driving when they see tall grass and trash outside a store front?  Though an untidy appearance will not deter all shoppers, each missed customer is a loss for the retail store.

These three stores are in a strip mall that appears to be on the decline.  The grass is often long and there is often trash amongst the weeds.  The property owner should be taking care of general upkeep but, for some reason, regular maintenance such as grass cutting is not being taken care of regularly.   I have written before about assertive marketing for your lawn care business and here is how to do it when you see that a retail property owner is not taking care of his responsibilities.

You must realize that the retail store managers likely do not have the responsibility of grass maintenance.  Grass cutting is normally the property owners responsibility.  Still, if the grass is not cut, the retail stores’ sales suffer and the managers might be very willing to pay to have the grass cut.  Most retail managers have small discretionary funds at their disposal. 

After you have identified a property such as what is in the picture, go into the store with the smallest store in the shopping plaza (in this case H&R Block).  Explain to the manager that you have your grass cutting equipment with you and you can mow the grass immediately.  Tell him that you are aware that the property manager should be taking care of this but you are willing to do a one-time job so it looks nice for their customers.  The manager of the first store (the smallest store) will probably tell you “no, let the bigger store pay for the grass cutting, they have more money.”  If you are met with this rejection ask the manager if he is willing to pay $40 if the bigger stores agrees to pay the rest.  After all, one extra tax return (H&R Block) will pay for the work.

After the first store agrees, go to the second smallest store (Family Dollar) and tell the manager that the other store has agreed to pay 1/3 of the fee.  That manager will likely agree to pay since the first store has already agreed.  The final and largest store (Food Lion) will easily be brought on board after you explain that there are a few grocery carts in the high weeds that you will pull out and bring back to the store.

Peer pressure (among the retail managers) and the retail managers’ fear of losing customers are great bargaining tools to get this retail plaza on your client list.  After you perform the work and visit each manager to collect your pay, ask him or her to call the property manager and recommend your lawn care service.  With a little luck and additional assertive marketing, you will be able to add this shopping center to your list of weekly clients.

Do you want to learn more assertive marketing techniques for your lawn care company?

Assertive Marketing is a very important tool to help you make great money with your lawn care business.  Are you struggling finding lawn care clients? Are you struggling learning how to price your lawn care services effectively? You will benefit from our lawn care business guidebook, software, and estimating business package.

This Lawn Care Business package teaches you practically everything you need to know to operate a successful and profitable lawn care business.  The program is on sale right now.  Please visit our lawn care homepage for complete details and ordering information.

Get More Lawn Care Customers

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Lawn Care Business and the Price of Gasoline

Lawn Care and the Price of Gasoline

Gas prices and your Lawn Care Business

Once again, the lawn care season is starting out during a period of rising gas prices. If you are new to the lawn care industry then you probably don’t remember a time when you could fill your van, the crew truck, all the lawn mowers, and the extra gas canisters for under $100. Filling all those tanks today costs over $200. Yikes.

Are you looking for ways to reduce the cost of gasoline for your lawn care business?  We have written many articles dealing with high gas prices and we would like to share a few gas saving techniques with you.

1) Maintain proper inflation in all your tires. Check tire pressure daily in the tires on your vehicles, equipment trailers, and equipment. Proper inflation will increase your miles per gallon.

2) Properly maintain your equipment. Oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, and sharp lawn mower blades will greatly increase the amount of grass you can cut per gallon of gasoline.

3) Plan your routes carefully. Using careful routing strategies not only saves you gasoline but also save you time on the roads.

4) Store your gasoline canisters properly with lids closed to avoid spillage.

5) Close gasoline valves on your equipment during transport and storage.

These are just a few tips on how you can save gasoline in your lawn care business. Our lawn care business program contains much more advice such as how to properly develop grass cutting patterns on your customer’s lawns to reduce time and reduce costs.

To learn more, visit our main website:

  • Reduce Gasoline in your Lawn Care Business
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