by: Lawn Care Business

Lawn Care Businesses celebrate Earth Day


Well, our Earth has lasted for one more trip around the Sun and here we are again at earth day.  Being lawn care professionals, we have special opportunities to make positive impacts on our environment in the way we conduct our businesses.  The green movement has long used “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as a mantra of environmental stewardship.  Let’s look at three simple ways we can incorporate that mantra into our daily business and make it profitable for our companies.

Reduce your use of Gasoline: 

With gas prices still at historic highs, you can reduce your use of gasoline by scheduling lawn jobs in nearby neighborhoods to coincide with each other.  Reducing driving distances and multiple trips to the same area of town is a great way to reduce gasoline consumption and increase your profit potential.

Reuse yard waste: 

Instead of sending yard waste, leaves, brush, and shrub clippings to the landfill, speak to your customers about making compost areas and brush piles on their property.  Composting is a great method of making free, rich, nutritious soil from yard waste that would otherwise go to the landfill.  Once fully composted, this soil can be used to pot plants or fill holes in the yard.  Managed correctly, small brush piles are superb habitats for song birds and other entertaining wildlife.  Birds build nests from gathered materials and brush piles generally break down to a very small size over a short period of time.

Recycle lawn equipment oil: 

It goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that you should recycle all oil drained from your machinery during the course of normal maintenance.  Auto shops such as Advanced Auto Parts and Autozone generally accept your used oil.  Buy a large footprint oil receptacle to capture drained oil from your equipment.  Once finished with your oil changes, take your spent oil to a recycling center.  Also, be sure to keep your oil receptacle out of the rain.  Rain displaces oil forcing it out of the container and contaminates its surrounding environment eventually washing oil into the ground or local waterway.

These are a few quick tips for earth day.  If you want to operate an eco-friendly, profitable lawn care company, look for our manuals and lawn care business software available through our website: