Timothy Geithner is again urging U.S. banks to boost lending to small businesses and consumers.

It amazes me that a boost in business and consumer lending is seen as the holy grail in getting us out of our current financial mess.  Quite possibly, over-lending to consumers and businesses is the reason for our current financial mess. 

In our Lawn Care Business Guidebook, we discuss the topic of small business financing.  The beauty of a lawn care business is that a business owner can, quite often, start a business without major financing.  The bars of startup are low with a lawn care business.  We have seen many lawn care business owners start out with an existing push lawn mower, a handheld leaf blower, and a two cycle weedeater found in their own garages.

Now, after extolling the virtues of starting small, we do believe LCOs should upgrade to commercial equipment as their needs warrent.  However, controlled, debtless growth is a very viable business strategy.

If you want to learn how to start your lawn care business without borrowing from banks and taking on needless debt, check our lawn care business guidebook available through:  www.StartALawnCareBusiness.com