There’s nothing I love more than a story of a successful lawn care business owner who starts with nothing and expands rapidly.

We recently received a letter from a lawn care business owner who purchased our Start A Lawn Care Business guidebook and estimating software.   He wrote to tell us that he started his business by purchasing our guidebook to teach him estimating and bidding of larger contracts.

A couple weeks after reading the manuals he bid a large contract and won with a bid of $35,000 per year.  He is very pleased with his contract price and said he couldn’t have done it without our help in the process.

This is a guy who started with nothing and got a $35,000 contract within his first month in the business…more money than he’s ever earned in his life.  Truly a rags to riches story.

If you ever feel your life is in the outhouse and you have nothing going for you, don’t give up.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself allowing you to end up in the penthouse.

A brand new lawn care business…from outhouse to penthouse.  I LOVE IT!!!

If you have purchased our lawn care business strategy guidebook and you have a success story to tell, please let us know.  Write to us anytime at: