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If you are a New Jersey lawn care service provider, you have probably read the headlines.

Lawn care products face ban in NJ

This “ban” doesn’t seem as restrictive as the headlines would lead you to believe. Even the lawn care providers most affected by these new regulations agree with many of the new constraints on lawn care chemical applications. All-in-all, we believe tighter regulation of lawn care chemical application will strengthen the lawn care industry as a whole.

We, at StartALawnCareBusiness, have always believed an educated lawn care business owner provides better services for his customers and rises above his competition. This is one of the reasons we developed the Lawn Care Business Training Package – to help educate new lawn care business owners.

Tell us what you think of the new regulations in New Jersey. If you are in that state, will those regulations affect you? If you are in a different state, do you think complying with similar regulations would put an undue hardship on your lawn care and landscaping business?