Bidding Lawn Mowing Contracts

As the Summer lawn mowing season rolls to an end and Autumn creeps along it is time to think about next year’s grass cutting contracts.

Here is something for you to keep in mind: October 1 is the first day of the U.S. Government’s fiscal New Year. Many government lawn care contracts will be bid during the next several weeks for lawn care work to be completed during 2011. Get those bids in NOW guys. You can’t afford to miss this important time of year if you are one of our many readers who operate large lawn care companies who make their money going after Government scale grass cutting contracts.

Not all Government contracts are bid right now but many RFPs (request for proposals) are open right now and will close on, or before, September 30. Other mowing contracts will be bid in the months ahead. Much of the money you plan to make in 2011 will be determined by the contracts you successfully bid during the next few months.

If you are at all interested in bidding larger scale lawn mowing contracts (local and federal government mowing contracts, private industry grass cutting contracts, and local business lawn care work) we have included an excellent “Bidding Tutorial” guidebook in our Lawn Care Business package. It describes how to find these contracts, who to speak with in order to uncover hidden contracts, and how to price and properly bid the contracts.

Also, the estimating software is included with the lawn care business package. Many lawn care business professionals tell us that our estimating software is worth much more than the cost of the entire package.

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