While the Tennessee days get shorter and the nights get cooler, I took a late October weekend and flew to southern Florida for a few days to learn more about lawn care in the southernmost of the 48 contiguous states. From a business standpoint I am envious of the seasons Florida lawn care professionals enjoy. It is still toasty warm in southern Florida and lawn care crews aren’t missing a beat mowing, blowing, and picking up palm fronds.

Though much of my writing on this blog has focused on leaf pickup and autumn lawn care projects. While leaf pickup is not the most prevalent chore to be done on Florida lawns (if you exclude palm fronds) there are many aspects of the lawn care business that Florida lawn care professional need to focus.

Our lawn care business package has a tremendous amount of information on how (and when) to bid commercial lawn care contracts. Florida’s lawn care season is extended far beyond what many of the northern states experience. I believe contract bidding is distributed more evenly throughout the 12 months than it is for the rest of us further north. Because of this dispersal of lawn care contract bidding times, it is very important for lawn care professionals in Florida to learn proper bidding procedures.

If you are in Florida (or any other area of the country with an year-round mowing season) it is very important for you to learn how to bid contracts and price your services effectively. Missing even 1 or 2 contracts can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

For those of us in more temperate climates, we also need to be keenly aware of the importance of proper contract bidding. None of us want to miss out on a large scale contract because we didn’t follow the bidding guidelines or because we improperly priced our services causing our bids to be dismissed.

If you are in Florida (or any part of the country) and want to bid lawn care contracts next year. We encourage you to purchase a copy of our Start A Lawn Care Business training course. There is a tremendous amount of information on how to bid large scale lawn mowing contracts. The price of the program is under $50 and you should easily be able to pay for the course with just one successful bid on a lawn care contract.

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