I am constantly amazed at the tenacity of plants to grow almost anywhere.

Lawn Care Can Take You Odd Places

It is often annoying when weeds grow through cracks in a patio or through 4 inches of dense landscape mulch in a flower or shrub bed.  However, some lawn care jobs make grass in a crack seem much less annoying.

Look at this picture I took recently of a woody stemmed weed growing within the morter space of a large building.

Lawn Care in Weird Places

Natural decomposition processes such as weathering crumble stone into finer particles.  If those particle accumulate in a crevice, rain may make it hospitable to plant growth.  Seeds blown by the wind may land within the crevice and grow into an annoying, hard to reach, weed.

Next time you are dealing with weeds for one of your lawn care customers, think of the guy who has to deal with this weed problem.  It will make your job seem much easier.

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