Work glove technology has come a long way.

Do you remember no more than 10 years ago when your choices for work gloves were very limited?  It seemed like you had two choices.  The first choice was a pair of rawhide leather workgloves that took forever to break in or a pair of 99 cent thin canvas work gloves with those little rubberized dots all over the surface.

Old work gloves

The problem I always had with work gloves is that they never seemed to fit really well.  The thumbs were always too long.  On several occasions I have had the thumb become trapped under the pistol grip controls of my commercial walkbehind lawn mower.  Getting glove material trapped in the controls is dangerous because it compromises your ability to turn and stop your machine.  Being trapped also impedes your ability to move away from the machine.   While I operate my commercial lawn mowers, I want to feel connected to the machine.  Having a loose fitting glove disallows me from feeling the movement of the mower as it traverses undulating and bumpy ground.

Great selection of work gloves today

I was at a big box hardware store last week and the choice of work gloves available today is astounding.  I am particularly impressed with the tight fitting work gloves made by Mechanix.  Their material is durable yet light enough for me to feel connected to my lawn mower and other commercial lawn care equipment as I am working.

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Anti-vibration gloves are my favorite when operating lawn care equipment.