If you operate or work for a lawn care company (or if you are just a casual gardener) you owe it to yourself to purchase a professional pair of lawn care work boots or work shoes. I wish people wouldn’t wear old ratty tennis shoes during their lawn care work. Your feet are important and commercial quality footware is worth the added cost to protect your feet.

This is a “first impression” video on the Lawn Grips 6″ Steel-Toe Work shoe. You may have already seen my review on the Lawn Grips Brutus Work Boot. I have been impressed with those boots and I want to give their work shoes a test. The shoes are significantly lighter than the work boot. If your work does not require the added protection of an over-the-ankle work boot, you may like the relative light weight of the work shoe.

I will give these shoes a rigorous field test the next several weeks. After I break them in and give them a workout, I will let you know how I like them as an everyday work shoe for the lawn care industry.

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