Within the pages of the Start A Lawn Care Business guidebooks, we spend several pages discussing proper names for lawn care businesses.  More than simply telling you which names are “good” and which names are “bad”, we spend considerable time discussing business theory and customer psychology.  DON’T YAWN!!!  I know these subjects may seem boring to you but when you are naming your business you MUST consider your potential customers’ reactions to your business name.  If they don’t like your name, you may find yourself getting fewer customers than if you choose a better name. 

I recently came across an advertisement for a lawn care company.  I am perplexed by their choice of business name.  I want to show you the advertisement and I want you to let me know what you think about this business name.

how to name your lawn care business

If you’re too young to remember, a lawn dart was a children’s toy many years ago.  Children placed rings in their yards, stepped several feet away, then threw large weighted darts trying to land them in the ring.  It was great fun until the inevitable happened and kids started showing up in emergency rooms with giant weighted darts sticking out of their foreheads or lodged under their eyelids.

Unless you were the one penetrated by a lawn dart, it was a pretty fun game and made for some funny jokes talking about people with darts protruding from various body parts.  A common joke was to stick your index finger to your forehead and scream “LAWNDART.”

Okay, enough of the history. Let’s get back to the company’s name.

I think the name “LawnDart Lawn Care” is funny.  It is memorable and it made me laugh. 

However, from a business standpoint, I have to take exception with the name.  It is not a professional name and it will not instill confidence in its potential clientele.  Though the name might not deter a young homeowner (and maybe that’s who this company is targeting).  Would a homeowner with a large, expensive home really trust its finely manicured grass to someone who might not take it seriously?  Would an owner of a large industrial complex contract with someone who makes light of a serious and potentially dangerous situation where children are at risk?

Let’s not miss the point here.   The owners of this company are probably having a laugh and I fully realize that.  However, here’s a tip; sure, you can take a stab at different business names but if you are looking for long-term professional viability (and the most money possible) for your lawn care business, choose a name that speaks professionalism.

Once again, business theory and customer psychology are not the most exciting topics but if you want to learn how to choose a name that will increase your profits this year, take a look at our lawn care business guidebooks. The section on naming your business is great and you will learn how to properly name your business.   I promise, you won’t be bored. 

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