by: Start A Lawn Care Business

Though it is quite unlikely any of us will actually ever make a billion dollars cutting grass, I found an interesting statistic earlier this evening while researching the economic impact of the lawn care industry in the United States.

According to a University of Florida Extension Office report, the total economic impact of the Turf Grass industry in the United States is $62.2 billion (2005 dollars).  Of that $62.2 billion, nearly $19.8 billion is comprised of the lawn care services.  Within this $19.2 billion is the addition of over 295,000 jobs associated with lawn care services.

This impact isn’t just dollars and cents though.  It is calculated, on average, a commercial lawn mower in use by a lawn mowing business burns 2,000 gallons of gasoline each year.  That is more gasoline than a typical car.  Lawn mowers in the United States consume more than 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline and commercial mowing accounts for 35% of this total.

I find these statistics on the size of the lawn care industry in the United States interesting.  However, one thing is for sure; if any of us are going to make a billion dollars, we’re going to need a bigger mower.

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