by: Start A Lawn Care Business

Too often in the lawn care industry, we think of success in terms of number of jobs per day, number of crews, or number of clients on a roster.  For full-time lawn care companies, these criteria are important to the overall well-being of a company.  However, the industry should never overlook the needs of the small lawn care business owner or the solo part-time guy just looking to make an extra several hundred dollars per week doing a handful of residential and commercial customers.

Though many large-scale lawn care business owners purchase our “Start A Lawn Care Business” training package to gain new ideas how to grow their businesses, the majority of the purchasers of our business program are aspiring entrepreneurs looking to either start a new lawn care business or current small business owners who are looking to expand their business, go full-time, and add employees.

I was speaking with a guy last week who saw on of our Leaf Raking Videos on YouTube.  The video stirred his interest and he is about the take the plunge, purchase a commercial leaf blower, and start finding clients.  The main question he has is how to bid leaf raking and leaf blowing jobs.  We run into these questions very often and this is exactly why we developed the “bidding tutorial and estimating software” sections in our lawn care business program.  There are too many variables to do flat rate pricing on leaf cleanup jobs.  Our estimating tutorial teaches you how to properly bid jobs without overpricing (or underpricing) your work.

If you are a one-man operation wanting to start or grow a successful lawn care business we encourage you to learn how to bid your jobs properly and grow your business correctly.  We believe the strength in the Green Industry lies in the hands of small lawn care business owners.

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