I’m writing today’s blog post from a coffeeshop overlooking the beautiful Tennessee River. December is here and the weather has turned nasty. December is an interesting time for lawn care business owners. There is still quite a bit of work to do with leaf raking jobs, gutter cleaning, shrub bed cleanouts, and general pre-winter cleanup work. Then again, on the occasional rainy day, it’s nice to kick back in a warm coffee shop and work on strategies for next year.

As I write this post, huddled up in the warmth, I see bunches of people out rushing around trying to get their Christmas shopping finished. They are going in and out of stores trying to find the latest and greatest toy or a shirt that will fit or a tie or underwear or ugh…socks.

I certainly don’t mean to be sardonic here. I mean, last year I was given a pair of hiking socks and they are the most comfortable sock I have ever owned. But, come on…socks?

Christmas giving is hard though. We all try to find the perfect balance between fun and functionality…between extravegance and frugality.

This Christmas, with so many millions of people unemployed and underemployed money is tight and the importance of a MEANINGFUL gift should be a top priority. I like to think the lawn care business guidebooks and estimating calculators from our website are the perfect gift for many Americans this year.

If you (or someone you know) is in need of a change in life…a change to have a better life and a life that is not dictated by someone else telling you how much money you are able to make or how many hours you have to work or if you might be fired from your job, then maybe it’s time you thought about starting a lawn care business in 2010.

Our lawn care business package will show you how to start and operate a successful lawn care business. From initial startup through getting the right equipment and estimating customers to growing your business and bidding larger clients like apartment complexes and large contracts, our business package tells you practically everything you need to know.

So, if you’re at a loss as to the perfect Christmas gift, consider a gift that can truly make a difference. Sure, socks are nice, I guess, but giving someone the ability to start their own business and finally take charge of their life…that’s TRULY a meaningful gift.

Our lawn care business guidebooks, estimating calculators, and video training guides are on sale right now for the Christmas season. To learn more, visit our main website: