We received some nice responses from yesterday’s video of the lawn mower race. So, I want to post a couple more minutes from a 5 man lawn mower race video.

Do you participate in these types of events? I think lawn mower racing is fascinating and I would love to give it a try. Also, I would love to hear from any lawn care business owners who also participate in the events and use lawn mower racing as a promotion for their lawn care businesses. Let us know if it has helped your business as a marketing tool and if people recognize you around town. You you incorporate your lawn mower racing in your business name or in your logo?

Enjoy the video. We may have more for you later this spring.

Oh, that reminds me; spring is basically here and I hope everyone is pounding the pavement hard drumming up new customers and contracts. Contracts are still being bid for the upcoming lawn mowing season. If you need some help finding customers and bidding contract, be sure to check out our lawn care business program. It includes the estimating software. This will really help you bidding jobs and giving prices to your customers.

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