by: Start A Lawn Care Business

During the Louisville, Ky lawn and garden expo, I saw many lawn care equipment manufacturers displaying propane powered lawn mowers. As pollution laws become more strict, LCO’s are going to offer more and more lawn equipment powered by clean technology.

I’m not sure about your weedeater but one of my old reliable stringtrimmers is a real polluter. Even when it’s dialed in and running right, there is a slightly visible exhaust at all times. I attempt to be as environmentally friendly in my business but there has been very little to replace the 2 cycle engines…until now.

I am glad to say that I picked up a Lehr propane powered weedeater today. After assembling the unit and purchasing a couple cannisters of propane, I gave it a 15 minute test.

I am impressed with initial tests. It starts quickly, it’s quieter than gasoline powered units, torque is impressive, and rev up time seems to be less than my echo trimmer.

My standard review takes about 3 weeks to complete. I will have a long range follow-up review in several months.

Please keep an eye on this blog to see results. has these propane powered weed eaters in stock. Click the link below to order.