I was asked tonight:

“When is the right time to advertise my lawn care business? I’m sending out flyers but I want to hit the timing just right.”

That is a great question. A common mistake is to make an advertising run a one-time shot.

If you are sending out flyers, resist the temptation to send all your flyers out in one huge mailing. A smarter tactic is to ease into your advertising campaign so you can learn from your mistakes and refine your approach.

As an example, let’s say you have the budget to mail out 1000 flyers to potential lawn care clients. Do not send them all out to 1000 different addresses at the same time.

Choose 100 addresses to target in your first mailing. Give it a few days and judge your response. If you don’t receive any calls, you know you need to tweak your flyer. If you do get a few calls with this first mailing, ask them constructive questions. We discuss constructive customer questioning in our lawn care business program available at: StartALawnCareBusiness.com

The answers to these constructive questions will help you tweak your flyer to grab the attention of the recipients of the second 100 flyers. Follow the same procedure. Once you have tweaked your flyers again, mail a third hundred to the same address as the first 100 were mailed to. If you have successfully redesigned your flyer, your results for this round of mailing should be dramatically higher than the first round.

If you are pleased with your results, double your next mailing to 200 brand new addresses. As your results continue to improve, you can mail to larger numbers of recipients. Each group of potential customers should receive a minimum of two mailings. This will help you correctly judge the effectiveness of your refined flyers.

Never spent your entire advertising budget on a one-time, do-or-die advertising campaign.

Our Lawn Care Business Program includes the complete marketing guidebook to successfully advertising your lawncare / landscaping business.