Today is Saturday and this is my normal maintenance day for my lawn care equipment.  A big part of my maintenance schedule includes washing my lawn mower and other lawn care equipment.   I have identified 5 reasons why a lawn care business owner should keep his equipment clean.

1)  Maintain a Professional Appearance for your Lawn Care Company

Customers notice when your equipment is clean and well maintained.  They want to be proud of their lawn not only when you are finished working but also while you are working.

New customers or prospective customers you are estimating want to know your company will be reliable and not make them wait for service should you have equipment trouble or breakdowns.  Clean equipment says “professional” to your new clients.

2)  Oil and Grease Drips

After lubricating your lawn mower you will often find drips of oil or blobs of grease hanging from your oil fill tube, oil drain, or the numberous grease nibs on the mower.  These drips can make your maintenance area or trailer slippery which can lead to an accident.  Worse yet, a blob of grease might cling to the underside of your cutting deck just long enough to be deposited on your next customer’s lawn.

Thoroughly washing your lawn mower reduces the chance that oil or grease drips will cause problems.

3)  Remove Grime from Moving Parts

By their very nature, lawn mowers become very dirty during the course of their work.  Washing removes grime and build up of dirt, grass, and leaves from lawn mower’s moving parts.

Springs react better, pullies grip better, and blades spin faster when they are allowed to work unencumbered.

4) Familiarize Yourself with your Lawn Equipment (The Zen of Lawn Mower Repair)

If you are like most professional Lawn Care Business owners you like working with your equipment and you want to know every detail about the machine with which you make your living.  Washing your lawn mower lets you focus on each part of your lawn mower in a relaxed setting.  As you run water over a dirty spring or wipe off a grass-caked bushing you gain an innate understanding how the machine works and how you can work better with the machine.

5)  Check for Defects or Worn Parts

Lawn mower take lots of abuse.  Bolts shear, springs deform, and plastic & rubber parts decay.  Washing your lawn mower allows you to do a visual and hands-on maintenance check of each part of your lawn mower and other equipment.

Replacing a broken part in your shop at your leisure is much less inconvenient than having to perform hurry-up maintenance in the field.

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